We're got our signals crossed


Re: Crash Happy Bunch. Part of the problem is caused by the fact there are three different left turn types of signals, and until they are all standardized to a single one (a red light for left hand turns) this is going to continue. What is sad is the city has spent millions on intersection upgrades and didn’t spend the few extra dollars to install this system, therefore with no red light people continue to turn left through oncoming traffic. Simple obvious solution and apparently engineers and politicians are not able to process this.

Rod Hancock, Nanaimo.

Crypto currencies have no actual value


That's as good an explanation of Crypto currency as I've seen. Crypto never made any sense to me. If currencies backed by nations can collapse, how would a "currency" created by unknown entities have any credible support or value? Just because the coins are coloured gold means nothing. It seems too much like the Dutch

tulip craze . . . valuable only as long as the next fool believed too...until no one did.

Gary Korpan, Nanaimo

Immigration is all about importing Liberal voters

It has been said for years that the Trudeau government has no interest in getting more immigrants into Canada other than harvest their electoral votes at election time. 

We haven’t got enough resources to look after our own people, never mind bringing in another 140,000 immigrants annually. Just heard on the news that the new numbers are 500,000 new immigrants in 2025. Due to our low birth rates in Canada, we need immigrants, however we also need to be able accommodate them.

Sufficient affordable housing is not available for the current population. Oil, which was our financial backbone and salvation in the past, is being cut off and taxed as much or more than possible, leaving us with humongous deficits. The Liberals are riding the World Economic Forum’s disastrous ride to a one-world governing system.

The housing crisis created by the Liberals and Bank of Canada is going to carry a very heavy financial burden on the Canadian taxpayers because they are already talking about a new twist in financing which will subsidize the people whose mortgages mature. No doubt the banks will want higher rates on renewals.

So much of this dog and pony show is merely to garner more votes for the Liberals.

Eldon Unger, White Rock, B.C.