New city budget is all about whether we can afford it


Government partly to blame for housing unaffordability

Politicians never talk about property transfer tax, but it adds to the cost of housing

Call me pro-choice when it comes to vaccines

Surplus sends premier on a spending spree

There is no such thing as a safe drug supply

Protesting in China is fine, just don't do it here – PM

Where were alll the experts before inflation?

Promisies made, promises not kept

Last thing we need is state-controlled news


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07.12 | 03:37

It's easy for politicians, they can spend what they want because somebody else will pay for it – the taxpayers.

03.11 | 18:12

Well done Merv & Marg
Nanaimo is still a good place, but the powers that be have let it run to ruin. This is sad to see.

01.11 | 16:04

i agree it is the volunteers in Nanaimo that make it such a wonderful place to live. I've lived all over B. C. and came back to Nanaimo to raise my kids and join the family business. Never any regret

01.11 | 02:35

Thank you Mr. Peckford for voicing concerns that many Canadians share, but remain silent.

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