A Nation of Snowflakes: The Imperative to Interpret the Charter Of Rights and Freedoms Using the Lens of the Preamble


By Dr. Charles I M Lugosi, SJD with the Hon. Brian Peckford

©Charles I M Lugosi, 230524.


Prepared for presentation at the reclaim Canada conference may 26-28, Victoria — the first of two essays  


1 This gathering is a congress of the people who choose to reclaim the original founding goals of this nation.


2 What we have in common is a passion for liberty, equality and justice, and to live in a society and nation where no one is above the law.


3 We have boldly and courageously proclaimed the truth, in a society that prefers lies that panders to political agendas that rewards those who conform to the goals of those in power and oppresses those who value truth, moral integrity and love for one another.


4 The values that bind us together are all derived from the Judeo-Christian faith that is at the root of the common law and the constitutional law upon which Canada was founded upon. In Saumur v. City of Quebec, [1953] 2 S.C.R. 299 at 329, Justice Rand noted how the Christian religion is “embodied in the highest level of the constitutionalism of Great Britain,” and by virtue of the “similar in principle” clause of the Constitution Act, 1867, Canada. 


Justice Rand recognized that Canada was a Christian nation, which worshipped the God of the Bible:


‘The Christian religion, its practices and profession, exhibiting in Europe and America an organic continuity, stands in the first rank of social, political and juristic importance. … the untrammeled affirmations of religious belief and its propagation, personal or institutional, remain as of the greatest constitutional significance throughout the Dominion is unquestionable.” [p. 328]


5 This country was established as a Christian nation. The source of the common law is found in the Christian religion, and voluntary submission to the Supremacy of God. It was God who gave His Law, beginning with the Ten Commandments, to first, the Jewish people, and then later, to everyone in the world. Following those Commandments brings blessings, peace, prosperity, joy and an ordered civilized society. Not following those commandments brings tyranny, destruction and sorrow.


6 God’s Law is religious and moral. Morality is inseparable from the Law. The Law reveals, establishes and declares what is moral, just and right, applying equally to all people in society. No one is above the Law. The Law discriminates between what is moral and immoral; right from wrong; good from bad; and, truth from lies.


7 Any transgression of the Law is an offense against God and against society. The Law is an absolute unchanging moral order to which people must conform. It is not negotiable. As a whole, the Law has coherent integrity and consistency. People must conform to the Law. Law must not conform to the sinful desires of people. God’s word is truth, and the Law is truth.


8 In 1982, the Constitution Act, 1982 became part of the Constitution of Canada. Included in this Act, was the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. As the supreme law of Canada, the Preamble to the Charter provides the lens of judicial interpretation through which the courts are compelled to assess and evaluate the constitutionality of legislation and government behavior. The Preamble declares, 


“… Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law.”    


Brian Peckford, the last living Premier who participated in the negotiations, drafting and signing of the Charter, states, 


“At the time of the Charter creation, it was self-evident to those formulating the provision that God referred to the Judeo Christian God. We knew no other.”


9 Canada’s source of constitutional authority is the Supremacy of God, which ordains and establishes the Rule of Law. The substantive provisions that follow the Preamble grant powers, confer rights and limit government power. 


What is crucial to understand is that the content of the Preamble is the only legitimate lens to understand, interpret and apply all the substantive and procedural provisions of the Constitution, so that it is interpreted and applied in a manner faithful to the principles set out in the Preamble. 


Canada’s entire Constitution mandates that for a law to be declared constitutional, it must conform to the Supremacy of God, and be just, which is more than being simply legal. Law is only recognized as just, when it is fair, inherently moral and grounded in truth. It must also reflect natural law, values that benefit our common good and are instinctively known to all people.


10 Brian Peckford states, 


‘Where does the idea come from that the first words of the Charter may not carry the force of law? The First Ministers involved in the Charter’s creation would be shocked to hear such words being spoken. It was clearly understood by all the First Ministers of the time that all the words of the Charter had the force of law and that the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law was the lens through which the Charter would be interpreted.”


11 Early in the Charter era, the Supreme Court deviated from the intent of the First Ministers and created its own way to interpret the Constitution, which is now engrained in its jurisprudence. This is how it happened.


12 From 1984-1985, the Supreme Court had an opportunity to establish a framework of constitutional interpretation through the lens of the Preamble. 


Not one member of the Court in R. Big M Drug Mart, [1985] 1 S.C.R. 295, which struck down provincial Sunday observance legislation, referred to the Preamble in their legal analysis. The only reference to the Preamble occurred at para. 17 when Chief Justice Dickson repeated without commentary an extract from the judgment of the trial judge who stated:


“ Bearing in mind that the preamble may not carry the force of law, it still shows that the Charter does not recognize any particular denomination, and (noticeable by its absence) it does not refer to a Christian God. The preamble surely is intended to reflect the multicultural and multidenominational makeup of Canada.”


The Court indirectly approved this incorrect interpretation at para. 99 and para. 148 by overriding the intent of the First Ministers and applied s. 27 of the Charter, the multicultural heritage clause, to recognize the worship of other deities.  The Court choose freedom from the commandment of the Christian God to honor the Sabbath and defied the Supremacy of the Judeo-Christian God.


13 Rather than use the Preamble as the lens to interpret the Constitution, the Court invented its own doctrine. At para. 115-117, the Court stated,


“… the Charter is intended to set a standard upon which present as well as future legislation is to be tested. Therefore the meaning of the concept of freedom of conscience and religion is not to be determined solely by the degree to which that right was enjoyed by Canadians prior to the proclamation of the Charter. We must look, rather, to the distinctive principles of constitutional interpretation appropriate to expounding the supreme law of Canada … In Hunter v. Southam Inc., [1984] 2 S.C.R. 145, this Court expressed the view that the proper approach to the definition of the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Charter was a purposive one. 


The meaning of a right or freedom guaranteed by the Charter was to be ascertained by an analysis of the purpose of such a guarantee; it was to be understood, in other words, in the light of the interests it was meant to protect. … In my view this analysis is to be undertaken, and the purpose of the right or freedom in question is to be sought by reference to the character and the larger objects of the Charter itself, to the language chosen to articulate the specific right or freedom, to the historical origins of the concepts enshrined, and where applicable, to the meaning and purpose of the other specific rights and freedoms with which it is associated within the text of the Charter


The interpretation should be … a generous rather than a legalistic one, aimed at fulfilling the purpose of the guarantee and securing for individuals the full benefit of the Charter's protection. At the same time it is important not to overshoot the actual purpose of the right or freedom in question, but to recall that the Charter was not enacted in a vacuum …”


Unfortunately, the Court acted in a vacuum, failing to apply, let alone acknowledge, the Preamble to the Constitution Act, 1982.


14 By discarding the Supremacy of the Judeo-Christian God, the way was paved for the Court to rebel against the Supremacy of God. 


By elevating the multicultural society clause above the Supremacy of God, the Court laid down the foundation for a secular, tyrannical atheistic state hostile to Christianity, in which what biblical Christians believe is good is treated by law as evil, resulting in the repeal of laws banning abortion, adultery, buggery, blasphemy, working on the Sabbath day of rest, and euthanasia, and what biblical Christians believe to be evil becomes popularly viewed as good and legalized.


15 Constitutional interpretation without using the lens of the Preamble has resulted in the moral decline of Canada and the legalization of immoral conduct that is tolerated and aggressively promoted in the name of human rights, diversity, inclusion and equity.


16 Without the Supremacy of God, there developed over time a serious misunderstanding of the other pillar of interpretation, the Rule of Law.


17 When informed by the Supremacy of God, the “Rule of Law” is defined as life in a society governed by inherently just moral laws sourced from the Law given by God, where the people are submissive and obedient to the Supremacy of God. 


Life under the “Rule of Law” means to live in a free and democratic society that honors God’s Commandments, abiding by absolute standards of right and wrong, in a society characterized by willful obedience to truth, justice and righteousness. Constitutional limits are placed on the power of government, to permanently guarantee and protect the freedoms of conscience, religion, and morality from infringement. 


The authentic Rule of Law ensures equality, for no one individual or faction is above the law. All human beings, at all stages of life, from conception to natural death, have equal absolute inalienable rights to life, liberty and security of the person. The powers of the government are limited. All branches of government, whether executive, legislative, or judicial, are under the law, and accountable to moral and constitutional scrutiny to ensure conformity with the authentic Rule of Law. Justice, truth, freedom and democracy are the hallmarks of the Rule of Law.


18 Without the Supremacy of God, the “Rule of Law” evolved into a “Rule by Law” society that is governed by legalism. The source of authority for Rule by Law in today’s Western society is human reasoning divorced from morality that advances political goals that evolve with changing secular values. 


The laws of this society reflect a humanistic cluster of beliefs that breeds totalitarianism, oppresses minorities, creates class and racial division, imposes identity politics, fosters intolerance and promotes idolatrous self-love. These collective beliefs are incompatible with freedom and democracy. In this society, there are no absolute standards of right and wrong, but moral relativism and prejudice. 


This secular regime is empowered by positive law and social conditioning through propaganda. Society is characterized by coerced deferential obedience to legalism falsely labelled as the Rule of Law. 


Christian morality is ridiculed and purged from law. Inequality pervades society. Legal fiction replaces truth, so people live by lies. God is no longer the source of law. Extremist ideology that embraces Marxist, immoral, hedonistic and woke ideology is the driving force for social, political and legal changes. 


The Supremacy of God is mocked, ignored and dishonored. The Preamble to Canada’s Constitution is viewed as meaningless rhetorical nonsense. Injustice, immorality, corruption, coercion, social division, oppression of political opponents, a police state, social control through invasive surveillance and the suppression of truth are common characteristics of this kind of regime.


19 The main distinguishing difference between the two regimes is the presence or the absence of humble deference to the Supremacy of God, and whether or not all the branches of government obey and enforce the authentic Rule of Law.


20 Canada has degenerated into a Rule by Law society. God’s laws that were once embedded in the common law and in jurisprudence have become relics, or fossils, replaced by laws and judicial decisions derived solely from human philosophy and rational reasoning. 


Canadian court decisions now legitimize immoral conduct such as adultery, murder of unborn children, homosexuality that were forbidden by the Law of God. The current government’s naked hostility to God and Judeo-Christian values and its adoption of an intolerant woke secular culture results in the persecution of Christians, the silencing and oppression of dissidents, the loss of fundamental freedoms and the corrupt interpretation of the Constitution of Canada. 


The reality is that the Canadian government is at its heart atheistic, for the constitutional principles set out in the Preamble are disregarded, replaced by a Rule by Law society, where humanism prevails and God, truth and justice are purged.


21 Lord Alfred Denning, considered by many to be one of the greatest English jurist in the past century, predicted in 1952, in his book, The Changing Law, of the inevitable disintegration of the authentic Rule of Law when God, truth and Christian morals are expunged from society:


“Religion concerns the spirit in man whereby he is able to recognize what is truth and what is justice; whereas law is only the application, however imperfectly, of truth and justice in our everyday affairs. If religion perishes in the land, truth and justice will also [p. 122] … [A]lthough religion, law and morals can be separated, they are nevertheless still very much dependent on each other. Without religion there can be no morality: and without morality there can be no law. [p. 99]”


22 This year, without consultation or debate, the government of Justin Trudeau secretly redesigned the Canadian Royal Crown that sits on top of the Canada Coat of Arms. The Christian Cross that honors the Christian faith and the Supremacy of God has been replaced by a snowflake at the top of the Crown. Ironically the snowflake aptly symbolizes those who oppose the Christian faith. 


In today’s culture, a “snowflake” is understood in common parlance to be a person who has an inflated sense of uniqueness, an unwarranted sense of entitlement, or is overly emotional, easily offended, and unable to deal with opposing opinions. 


The other religious symbol, the fleur-de-lis, was also removed and replaced by maple leafs. The fleur-delis, is understood to represent the purity of the Virgin Mary and the Holy Trinity. The maple leaf, which grows on maple trees in Ontario and Quebec, illustrate the importance of central Canada, and honors indirectly a hockey team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, that is long overdue for a Stanley Cup victory.  


23 How did Canada become a nation of snowflakes? 


It was the job of the Supreme Court of Canada to give force to the Preamble and to uphold the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Rule. After all, the Supreme Court since Confederation has faithfully given the Preamble to the Constitution Act, 1867, the force of law. The beginning of that Preamble states:


“Whereas the Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick have expressed their Desire to be federally united into One Dominion under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, with a Constitution similar in Principle to that of the United Kingdom:”


Given this historical legal precedent, it was properly assumed by the First Ministers that the Supreme Court would also faithfully uphold the Preamble to the Constitution Act, 1982, that mandates submission to the Supremacy of God and conformity to the authentic Rule of Law. 


But what the First Ministers did not foresee is the Court’s selective enforcement of one constitutional Preamble but not the other.


24 It is regrettable that the people of Canada have failed to learn from history. Before his 1946 execution as a war criminal at Nuremburg, German Nazi politician Hans Frank eloquently warned future generations not to turn away from God:


“… Even now … we still bear a tremendous spiritual responsibility. At the beginning of our way we did not suspect that our turning away from God could have such disastrous deadly consequences … by turning away from God, we were overthrown and had to perish … I beg of our people not to continue in this direction, be it even a single step, because Hitler’s road was the way without God, the way of turning from Christ, and, in the last analysis, the way of political foolishness … return from this road which according to the law and justice of God, had to lead us and our system into disaster and which will lead everyone to disaster who tries to walk on it.” https://www.tracesofwar.com/articles/4541/Final-statement-Hans-Frank.htm


25 Those among us who are not religious or do not believe in God may wonder why the preservation of the supremacy of God in our society and the restoration of the authentic Rule of Law is paramount to guaranteeing our freedoms and to end Canada’s steady slide into tyranny. 


The answer is simple. Freedom, equality, truth and justice are foundational values found in the Bible. But for Christianity, there would be rampant racism, slavery, discrimination, loss of freedoms and rule by coercive laws. Christianity was the bedrock of Western civilization. Christian teachings and morals introduced the sanctity of human life, criminal laws against behavior that transgressed God’s Commandments, and protected marriage and all members of families from harm. 


The influence of Christianity is embedded in art, music, literature, architecture, the calendar, the public holidays, taking a day of rest from work, the practice of swearing upon a Bible to tell the truth, the establishment of hospitals, charities, universities and schools to care for the sick, the poor and the young. 


The moral values and virtues of Christianity has made this world a better place. Yet in Canada, hundreds of churches have been burned down, preachers jailed for opening their churches and preaching the gospel during Covid, and Christian students denied summer job funding because their potential employers were denied government grants just because they refused to support abortion. 


Christians are now targeted for oppression and regarded by many as political enemies. Don’t think that once Christians have been rendered powerless that the government won’t come after you, for there will always be a next group to silence and purge.


26 Many Canadians intuitively know that something is very wrong with their political and legal system and have struggled to articulate the reason why. 


The answer is found in the way an activist Supreme Court has chosen to wrongfully interpret the Constitution, by abandoning the interpretive lens of the Preamble by ignoring the Supremacy of God and its substitution of the Rule by Law for the authentic Rule of Law.


27 It is time to stop politicians from appointing judges who will impose their own vision of society for the vision of those elected First Ministers who signed the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 


Vote only for the candidates who share your beliefs and values. Stop voting strategically for a political party only because you think it has the best chance to defeat the ruling party. 


Vote for the party that will fight for what you believe in. Vote according to your conscience, and be true to your moral principles.

U.S. Supreme Court takes on intrusion on our liberties – where is Canada?

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch has slammed  COVID Emergency Powers, calling them the greatest intrusions on civil liberties’ in peacetime history. The justice opined in a heavy reflection as the high court dismissed a suit seeking to keep Title 42.


Gary Bai has an excellent report in The  Epoch Times on May 20, well deserving to be shared here.


Bai writes Justice Neil Gorsuch on Thursday lamented what he calls an intrusion into civil liberties by pandemic emergency decrees since the start of COVID-19 as the high court dismissed a suit on Title 42 as moot.


“Since March 2020, we may have experienced the greatest intrusions on civil liberties in the peacetime history of this country,” Gorsuch, one of six conservative-leaning Supreme Court justices, said in an opinion accompanying the court’s decision (pdf) published on Thursday.


Gorsuch wrote that emergency decrees ordering vaccine mandates and lockdowns issued by federal and state executive agencies resulted in an accumulation of power in those agencies and accompanied this loss of liberties during the pandemic. This view, some experts say, shines a light on the high court’s vision of restoring a balance of power in the federal government to that more aligned with America’s founders.


“The concentration of power in the hands of so few may be efficient and sometimes popular. But it does not tend toward sound government,” the justice wrote. “However wise one person or his advisors may be, that is no substitute for the wisdom of the whole of the American people that can be tapped in the legislative process.”


Gorsuch’s warning came as the Supreme Court dismissed a case brought by Republican attorney generals to keep in place Title 42, the emergency measure that the Trump administration implemented in March 2020 as a reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. Both Trump and Biden administrations used Title 42 to expel illegal immigrants.


While the state’s case hinges on the more technical question of whether they can intervene in a case in another state to keep Title 42 in place, Gorsuch’s opinion indicated that the high court believed this question is no longer relevant as the public health emergency—to which Title 42 was designed as a reaction—ended in April.


Technicalities aside, Gorsuch took the opportunity to reflect on the bigger picture: namely, what he sees as a threat to civil liberties during the COVID pandemic when “executive officials across the country issued emergency decrees on a breathtaking scale.”


Loss of Civil Liberties


The Title 42 case brought by the states illustrates this threat to civil liberties, Gorsuch, a Trump appointee, wrote in his Thursday opinion.


He acknowledged that the surging illegal immigration across the border is a “crisis,” and so was COVID. But he warned that “the current border crisis is not a COVID crisis,” and the fact that the executive branch used the pandemic as the pretext to deal with another crisis at the border is emblematic of the broader, fear-driven response from U.S. institutions that may have led to “the loss of many cherished civil liberties” during COVID.


“Executive officials across the country issued emergency decrees on a breathtaking scale. Governors and local leaders imposed lockdown orders forcing people to remain in their homes. They shuttered businesses and schools, public and private. They closed churches even as they allowed casinos and other favored businesses to carry on,” the justice said, adding that violators were threatened with criminal sanctions and federal officials pressured social media companies into suppressing views they disagree with.


“They used a workplace-safety agency to issue a vaccination mandate for most working Americans. They threatened to fire noncompliant employees and warned that service members who refused to vaccinate might face dishonorable discharge and confinement,” he wrote.


Gorsuch also noted the apparent inaction of the legislative branch—state legislatures and Congress—in response to these executive decrees and how the judicial branch, which was “bound to protect our liberties addressed a few—but hardly all—of the intrusions upon them.”


“In some cases, like this one, courts even allowed themselves to be used to perpetuate emergency public-health decrees for collateral purposes, itself a form of emergency-lawmaking-by-litigation,” Gorsuch added, referring to the effort by Republican states to keep Title 42. Collateral purposes refer to purposes other than those originally intended by the law.


The conservative justice warned that an important lesson from the pandemic is that “fear and the desire for safety are powerful forces,” and, citing Aristotle, noted that “even the ancients warned that democracies can degenerate toward autocracy in the face of fear.”


“Make no mistake—decisive executive action is sometimes necessary and appropriate,” he added. “


“But if emergency decrees promise to solve some problems, they threaten to generate others.


“And rule by indefinite emergency edict risks leaving all of us with a shell of a democracy and civil liberties just as hollow.”


A Need for Reflection


  1. Jefferson Powell, a prominent constitutional scholar who teaches law at Duke Law School, echoed Gorsuch’s view that the country should reflect on what the government did in response to Covid via emergency powers.


He quoted an opinion of Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson in the landmark Steel Seizure Case, that the founders “suspected that emergency powers would tend to kindle emergencies.”


“My only disagreement with the assertion is that I see no reason to qualify it with ‘may’ – I do not think there is any question that the intrusions imposed because of the Covid virus on the civil liberties that Americans ordinarily exercise were the greatest in our peacetime history,” Powell, who served as the Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Clinton administration, wrote to The Epoch Times in an emailed statement.


“This is, simply put, a historical fact, which Justice Gorsuch chose (understandably) to present in non-dogmatic terms,” Powell wrote.


John Malcolm, vice president of the Institute for Constitutional Government at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, said that Gorsuch’s Thursday opinion reflected a “course correction” on the Supreme Court’s view of executive overreach that had been taking place since Justice Amy Coney Barrett, a Trump appointee, started her tenure in 2020.


A prime example of that correction, Malcolm said, was when the court ruled (pdf) in a 5-4 vote in favor of a group of religious adherents in New York who sued the state to remove COVID restrictions imposed on worship activities via emergency decrees.


The New York case, with Barrett on the bench, was similar in facts to two earlier cases in Nevada and California, but its ruling ran counter to the two earlier rulings that were made when the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg was part of the Supreme Court.


“The Supreme Court said enough—this goes too far, and [the state executive branch] is impinging on the free exercise rights of these religious adherents,” Malcolm said.


Looking at the more distant past, Malcolm noted that out of about 


80 national emergencies declared from the beginning of the 20th century to today, 41 are still in effect—not including the COVID public health emergency, which ended in April.


Each one of these emergency declarations, he said, “gives the president and executive branch agencies extraordinary powers,” or power that goes beyond what the law normally prescribes.

“Now there’s something wrong with that.”


He observed that Gorsuch was making an “incredibly powerful statement” calling Americans to “not to step back and defer, but to step up and debate” during these emergencies: “Is this an emergency? Or are we going to let it curtail our civil liberties? If so, how? And in what ways? And for how long?”


Agreeing with Gorsuch’s view that these extraordinary authorities need to be seriously examined, Malcolm suggested: 


“What [Congress] probably needs to do is have a sunset provision that says, you can declare an emergency, but unless we reauthorize it, that emergency officially ends after six months, a year, two years, some reasonable time period.”


Do you find this as incredible as I do?

We’re sending cancer patients to the “terrible” U.S. health system.


If I have heard it once I have heard it a million times whenever I speak of the U.S. You mean where they have that awful health system. Ours is way better than their system. Wouldn’t want to live there. I have heard it very recently.


Well, lo and behold ­– NDP left wing, public health care advocates extraordinaire, the BC Government, has to finance BC Cancer patients to the U.S. for cancer treatment.


We cannot do it here in Canada.


How come Washington State has the capacity to handle out of country cancer patients?


One would think listening to my fellow Canadians that the U.S. would be sending patents for treatment here, not the other way around.


The Times Colonist reports:


“B.C. Cancer will start sending eligible breast and prostate cancer patients to Washington state for radiation treatments beginning at the end of this month as part of a two-year temporary initiative to reduce wait times.


Patients will be offered the choice of going to one of two clinics in Bellingham, at Peace Health St. Joseph Cancer Centre and the North Cascade Cancer Centre, starting May 29.


Patients will have all costs related to their treatment covered, including travel, meals and accommodation, through B.C. Cancer and the Provincial Health Services Authority, Health Minister Adrian Dix said at a news conference Monday.”


Put that in your credibility pipe and smoke it! How much extra will all this cost?


No doubt the funds will come from the carbon tax.


But wait, we have a deficit, so we will have to borrow the money or take it from some essential program because, remember, every one of our programs is essential.


And to top It all off, the Canadian patient has a – wait for it CHOICE– of two different U.S. health facilities. Remember we used to have such a word in Canada once upon a time.


About turn, backwards march – Alberta premier is flip flopping

Can you believe it? Alberta Premier Danielle Smith  was so adamant about the Sovereignty Act, looking at replacing RCMP for provincial law enforcement, and the Province’s own Pension Plan, etc.


Now I read in the Epoch Times as reported by the Canadian Press:


“United Conservative Leader Danielle Smith says she won’t campaign on some of her party’s more contentious ideas – sovereignty legislation, a provincial police force and an Alberta pension plan ahead of the May 29 election.”


Here are her own words: “They’re not in our campaign because I think we’ve got so many things that we have done that we’re excited about. We’re bringing in $10-a-day daycare,” Smith said. “We have a partnership with the federal government to be able to bring that through, and we expanded it out to both non-profit and private spaces. We’ve also undertaken a significant improvement in the health-care system.”


She even speaks well of  the federal government – and in an area that is the exclusive jurisdiction of the province. Wasn’t she against the Feds poking their nose into areas of provincial jurisdiction just a few months ago?


We should have known the capitulation was coming. 


I reminded readers at the time she signed the new health deal with Ottawa that the Province was being hypocritical. No federal nose in resource matters but let the nose come right in with federal dollars in health care.


And I reminded readers that the covid inquiry that she announced did not get the sanction of the Legislature. One would have thought this automatic given her stand on provincial rights and individual rights under the constitution when campaigning for the leadership. You know, full democracy. 


Money and power talk. Danielle Smith, who we thought was above this type of politics, has succumbed. 


This is the real time for her to show her bona fides – principles – in an election, to persuade people that a return to the division of powers in the constitution was necessary. Abiding by the Constitution. One wonders whether she consulted with Saskatchewan’s Premier on all this.


But it seems this strong provincial rights stand was only to appease the more hard core conservatives in the party for leaderships purposes, now with that achieved?


Now Alberta has lost the credibility in defending and advancing legitimate provincial rights and jurisdiction under the Constitution. 


By this move, now fully declared, the federal government of whatever political persuasion (because it really makes no difference) knows that the Alberta Conservative provincial leadership were really not serious about all that provincial rights bluster. It was just a mechanism to achieve the leadership of the Party – and provides the judiciary in future in difficult federal provincial decisions of jurisdiction the flexibility to side with the federal government. 


You don’t think the promise to take these critical important issues up after the election means anything now do you?  Or that it has any credibility?


Do you ever get the feeling that it's OK to be honest, but not too much?

Many years ago my wonderful Aunt Bessie, who moved to Bostonto further her nursing career, always told me that honesty was the best policyeven down to little tiny white lies. She confided in one of her annualvisits home that she was a Republican and contributed to the Party. When  Iqueried why she was a republican (1960s) she countered that she supported hardwork, the worth of the individual and earning one’s keep.  


She did, however, on one occasion ask me to answer the phone(before cell phones) as she rushed out of the house to the patioarea. 


“‘Just tell them I am out, and will call back later.”


And I did. 


“But why were you rushing out of the house, Aunt B”?


“Well I did not want you to tell a lie, so I was really “out.”


Well, make what you will of this. Aunt B laterapologized, saying this was really trickery and she should have taken the phonecall.


In surveying today’s scene and my interaction I get theimpression we are a long way from my Aunt’s ethics. This came home this pastweeks as I departed from organizations because of the loose manner in whichethics was being handled in governance procedures. When I explained this to acouple at a public event this week they (having followed my blog and statementsclosely) were quick to agree to my response – just so much honesty – it seems, theysmiled, understanding. Others responded to imply, yes, but “ just so much.”Perhaps this is taking it too far.


If there is one thing that must be non negotiable it’s honesty. 


When we are dealing with other peoples’ money, when youannounce principles of independence, accountability and transparency and fiscalresponsibility and attack others for lacking same then do likewise?


Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde, written in 1385, isreputed  to be the origin of: “People in glass houses shouldn’t throwstones.”


English Judge Hewart in 1924 is reported to have said “Justicemust not only be done but seem to be done.”


Some might remember the recent story of my encounter withtwo Christian clergy in my rural Newfoundland riding in the 1980s. They hadasked whether I as premier could have the road to their cemetery improvedwhile the private contractor who won a competitive Government contact for thefirst pubic road on their island was still there free by that privatecontractor under Government contract. 


I answered “What would Jesus say?” 


“Render unto Caesar”


Democracy is only as good as the measure to which it is anhonest process. It has no place for “just so much/”


Many things in the public square might entail flexibilityand compromise, morality is not one of them.


Who said things are changing and freedom and science are winning?

The B.C. Legislature voted 64-1 against the truckers’ convoy and for lockdowns and mandates on April 17. 


Oh, the madness! It’s a rejection of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


It’s a rejection of science.


It’s a rejection of people being able to peacefully demonstrate.


Here is the resolution and some commentary as reported by True North news online:


“Be it resolved that one year after the anti-vaccine protests in Ottawa and communities including Victoria, South Surrey, Kelowna and Cranbrook, this House denounces the freedom convoy protests and affirms that public health orders, including vaccine requirements, have been an essential tool in B.C.’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” the motion read.


The motion received 64 yeas and 1 nay from lone BC Conservative John Rustad. 20 MLAs skipped the vote, including both B.C. Green Party members.


“Many BC United MLAs who call themselves ‘conservative’ simply didn’t show up,” Rustad wrote on Twitter.


Fear and lack of independent information still haunts the public square.


This on the  41st anniversary of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms becoming the law of Canada. All Canada should be outraged at this blatant display of ignorance of science and reason and insult to democracy – and all performed in the – yes, you guessed it, our Legislature.


Former anti-fossil fuel premier

joins board of coal company

230408 – So former Socialist anti-fossil-fuel Premier John Horgan joins a coal company board of directors.

First we have all that unethical behaviour of the federal Rouleau Commission. Second, the National Citizens Inquiry organizers breaking their own independence principles. And then third, new Alberta Premier Danielle Smith bypassing the Legislature to set up an Inquiry into government Covid actions.

And now this blatant hypocrisy: Nothing to see here folks, just move on.And Horgan is even snarky about any questions coming his way.

This is the person who headed the anti-fossil-fuel party, supported a carbon tax, and married with the anti-fossil-fuel Green Party which perpetrated fantasies on a gullible public.

So , that paragon of virtuous environmentalism, who stuffed down our throats this sacred bird killing, land destroying steel and concrete wind turbine alternate energy, was all for show, all a sham, he was a lover of coal all along.

Oh, but don’t forget this is metallurgical coal. Yes, and the Pope is Protestant, pigs fly and Socialism works.Not worth taking him out back to the traditional shed for a good trouncing.

As I keep preaching (my Magna Carta of a year ago) it is system change we need– traditional party change won’t cut it – the political landscape is cluttered with the evidence. The “fallen” Horgan is just the latest piece of Canada’s tragedy.

'Justice must not only be done,

but must also be seen to be done.'

Lord Chief Justice Hewart of England in 1924

The Prime Minister of our country has violated the country’s conflict of interest five times — so says the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner. And still he sits in the House of Commons and is the PM. 


The new leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition appoints an ethically disgraced former leader to be the new House Leader for the Opposition.


The Top Judge of our land publicly disparages the character of some of the citizens of this country, no hearing, no evidence.


The Federal Pubic Order Commission to examine the Federal Government’s actions relating to the Emergencies Act saw the Government appoint the Commissioner and set the terms of reference —a Government examining itself. And most Canadians went along with it. 


The National Citizens Inquiry broke its own standards of independence by supporting their spokesman to be also involved (paid $250,000) with another Covid Inquiry – A Government one! And many Canadians are going along with this. 


The Government of Alberta set up its own Covid Inquiry without reference to its elected Legislature, following the Federal Government’s unethical lead of examining itself. And many Albertans are going along with this. 


Now we hear via the spokesman for the Canadian Association For The Advancement of Science in Public Policy that British Columbia’s chief Judge Hinkson who is hearing actions by the Association against the Health Authorities of B..C is on a Foundation that has dispensed  money to some of B.C. Health Authorities.


Rebel News reports:


“B..C Supreme Court and Court of Appeal’s judge, the Honourable Chief Justice Hinkson, has been a member of the board of directors for the Vancouver Foundation since 2014.

The foundation, which was established in 1943 through a parliamentary act called the Vancouver Foundation Act, works “with individuals, charities, and businesses to create endowment funds, most of which are permanent” and grants for “hundreds of charities and non-profits in B.C.”


In recent years, recipients of donations from the Vancouver Foundation have included public health authorities and their partnering organizations including the Fraser Health Authority, Fraser Valley Health Care Foundation, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, and the B..C Centre for Disease Control Foundation for Public Health (BCCDC Foundation).’


I note that none of the mainstream media has carried the story. It seems once again most people either are unaware of this story, or if they are, are prepared to say little to oppose such unethical behaviour. 


How can a society call itself a democracy if its leaders continually flaunt the very laws they have passed and are suppose to uphold.  


Without a moral compass, a democratic society cannot exist. Canada has lost that compass.  


A parliamentary inquiry

is a must for probe into foreign interference in our elections

230324 – Let the 172 MPs who voted for the government to call an inquiry return to Parliament and amend that motion to put the “Peoples” House in control. The government of Canada has disqualified itself from conducting and inquiry into foreign interference in federal elections.


Haven’t we learned enough already?


  1. The Federal Public Order Commission was flawed, an embarrassment to any integrity loving Canadian. The Government examining itself!


  1. The National  Citizen Inquiry broke its own rules of non government involvement when its spokesman simultaneously took $250,000 to be part of a Government Inquiry.



  1. The Alberta Government Ignored their peoples’ House, its Legislature, and set up its inquiry to examine itself, hiring the conflict of interest spokesman of the National Citizens Inquiry as its leader.


  1. The Chief Justice, our top Judge, and our Prime Minister without evidence or a trial, spoke disparagingly in public statements of the people involved in the legitimate truckers’ protest. 


Without the Parliament taking control I believe  the citizens of this country have no guarantee or trust that justice will be done on this issue given the lack of justice and integrity cited above on other important issues facing this country.


Our last vestige of hope for some integrity to be put back into our democracy is for the Federal Parliament, now that a semblance of backbone and accountability is being displayed by a majority of MPs, is:


Not to go halfway – no half measures here but for these 172 MPs to:


Take control and show Canadians that indeed they stand for integrity and truth in our Federal Politics. 


Don’t follow the Emergencies Act and have the Government examine itself. Let’s stop the intrigue behind closed doors.


Now we will see whether The Conservatives and NDP are playing the same old style politics or whether they really are serious about accountability and transparency and real Parliamentary democracy. 


I will send this article to the parliamentary offices of the Leader of the Conservative Party and the Leader of the New Democratic Party. 

Time for Pollievre to take action on Big Pharma 

A message to Pierre Poilievre, leader of the Official Opposition.


You promise if you form Government you’ll take Big Pharma to court over opioid deaths. What about Covid vaccine deaths?


We all know what happens to such promises. They get watered down or eliminated altogether. 


Stop kicking the can down the road! Introduce a bill, resolution now in the House of Commons calling on the present Government to take Big Pharma to court for Covid vaccine and opioid deaths.


If they refuse ask your Party to initiate such action. You are bragging about the millions of dollars you raise. Put it to some real use – now!


I am sure your members would even contribute more.


Embarrass the government, stop the talk, let’s see some action. 


A New Emergencies Act For Canada


An Open Letter To Our Federal  Parliamentary Leaders. The People Must Be In Charge. 


It must be clear to all serious political leaders in Canada today that the Emergencies Act has not worked. 


The main reason for that, I submit, is that it was poorly constructed in the first place.


Parliament made a grave error when it allowed the Government of the day that would invoke the Act to later appoint the Public Order Commissioner and to set the terms of reference of the inquiry into how effective the Government implementation of the  invoking of the Act was. 


The principal of conflict of interest was breeched. 


A Government given the powers to investigate itself. 


Need I remind Parliamentarians of Lord Justice Hewart statements in a case in 1924 where he opined:


“It is not merely of some importance but is of fundamental importance that justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done”.


Justice was not ‘manifestly and undoubtably be seen to be done’ in the recent Canadian context. 


As you are all aware you presently operate as Members of Parliament under the Conflict of Interest Act and Code and The Ethics and Conflict of Interest Code for Senators. 


I recommend,therefore, that Parliament, the House of Commons and the Senate, strike a Joint Parliamentary Committee to immediately review the present Emergencies Act with its main purpose to restore to Parliament the Power over the implementation of the Pubic Order Commission. 


This Committee would conduct hearings in every Provincial and Territorial Capital and the National Capital over the next two years and recommend to Parliament a new Emergencies Act which would render to Parliament the final power over the appointment of a Public Order Commissioner and set the terms of reference for such a Commission. Additionally, the Committee would be mandated to give special attention to the importance of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the conduct of any powers exercised under the Act, and their temporary potential violation in the exercise of the Act, must entail a written justification to Parliament to meet the ‘demonstrably justify’ condition of Section 1 of the Charter. Parliament would decide whether the justification is valid. 


Obviously, the Parliamentary Committee would be free to examine all other aspects of the Act and make recommendations, but at its core, the Committee would be mandated to ensure that Parliament was in charge of any examination of the invoking of the Act by Government and that a full and thorough written analysis and justification of any potential temporary Charter breech by Government was tabled in Parliament. 


Some would argue that there are still Court proceedings ongoing concerning the Emergencies Act. I would argue that the Country has already witnessed the Emergencies Act failure in its blatant conflict of interest, heard the opinions without evidence from the Chief Justice of Canada and without there being a court appearance, and from various decisions of other Courts where the Charter and Science were ignored. This brings the whole system in disrepute and undermines our Parliamentary System of Government, especially responsible government where our Government leaders are accountable to Parliament. 


It is time for the people, through its democratically elected representatives, to restore democracy to our land. Citizens have lost faith in our institutions. This might be the last chance to reform our present system.  


Obviously, the Committee would be provided with all the necessary finances and expertise to carry out such a task. 


I will send this to the Parliamentary Offices of the leaders. 

Self-deception caused us

the loss of our democracy

For the past almost three years I have pondered almost every day the nature of our present society, nation, country.  


Being only seven years old when Newfoundland joined Canada as a result of a very close referendum, I was just old enough to remember that something momentous was happening. 


It never dawned on me in the years since, at school, university, in public life and private business and especially during the Constitutional discussion of 1980, 1981 that this county would be in the position that it now finds itself. 


Its health and education systems are in decline, its economy more and more tied to a universally failed socialist idea – where the results are clear: lowering productivity and innovation and where it is 122nd in the world of nations of how long it takes to get an electrical permit. That’s according to the World Bank. That was two years ago. The Bank has ceased doing such things. Need not wonder why. 


Growing up we all assumed that our vaunted universal health system would just go on humming, our education system would just go on humming. They were on some sort of god-like auto pilot. 


If you questioned it you were a bad Canadian. I remember once at a First Ministers Meeting in the distant past of the 1980s suggesting that Canadians were unaware of just how much their health care was costing and perhaps we should be sending out bills so everyone could see after a hospital stay just how much it cost although zero direct cost to them, for example. I was laughed at! Today millions are without a family physician. 


I remember when wages and price controls were implemented with socialist advice of J.K. Galbraith and others. Some western provincial leaders and yours truly objected. We were scoffed at. 


State incursion seemed to becoming natural!


And debt was becoming a nice word — you just labelled a lot of borrowing  as ‘investments’ and used fancy formula like debt/GDP ratio. Meanwhile the debt kept growing. 


Then I realized a lot of this was not a game, but an ego driven, real power game over the nature of this country.


My fights over fisheries and offshore resources and a better deal in Labrador power were suppose to be bargaining chips not legitimate concerns in their own right. I had high powered political leaders and prominent Canadian businessmen secretly sent as emissaries from the PM to do deals. Trading fish for hydro power or oil. 


The Constitutional Process of 1980/1 was revealing. It was the first time we saw clearly a determination to fundamentally change the county. The Federal Government attempted to disfigure the Confederation Project. And failed! Interesting that many people, if not a majority, still do not know that Trudeau Sr and company were rejected by the Supreme Court of Canada. 


You did not know, I now realize, because you are not supposed to know. The powers that be were shocked that they lost. And to this day it is played down in history’s recording of it ­– a Constitutional Principle becomes a matter of legal wording gymnastics. And the subsequent Patriation Agreement with a Charter of Rights and Freedoms becomes a process that tries to erroneously put the elites in control. A scrap of paper in a hotel kitchen. The intrigue of it all. The documents I presented still being denied by silence 


On the economic front it began with the national energy program and now sees it played out with a carbon tax, over-reaching environmental legislation, the thwarting of true federalism. The Atlantic Accord was a brief respite. We are now seeing its dismantling to the power centre.


Socially, the  centralization is almost complete with provinces demanding more health money in an area that is totally in their jurisdiction. 


And no one says a peep. Bring on more debt, and less provincial power. Let’s complete the project. 


Meanwhile the judiciary for its part was not asleep at the wheel. 


It sensed the reordering was under way and with sense of purpose and in full throttle began the practice of implementing ‘the living tree dogma’ of constitutional interpretation, the original wording, intent and spirit and even ‘the convention principle ‘ that stopped Trudeau Sr in 1981 very much in jeopardy. 


Now judges are telling me as one of the signatories to the Charter what God I had in mind in the opening words to the Charter—‘supremacy of God.’ The arrogance ­– and misreading of constitutional history is immense. 


And now, not only the re-emergence of the concept of  Upper and Lower Canada rears its ugly head but the vey core of the 1981 Charter – individual rights, freedoms and self worth, and individual autonomy undermined in this central government, statist, economic, social and judicial shift.


And the fake ‘pandemic’ completed the project.


Even former media mogul, Conrad Black, sets the bar so low that the cowardly Conservative leader qualifies to be PM because of his bashing of CBC – not that he is unqualified because of his silence on our very constitution, our charge, our rights and freedoms  being taken away in the greatest coup in our history.


The State takes a bow as its appointed Commissioner with Government setting the terms of reference does an assessment of its master on robbing citizens of its rights and freedoms, predictably whitewashing the theft.


Canadians dutifully lined up to appear before the charade — the Commission — (not one spokesperson addressed the falsity of it all) confident in their deception that justice would be done.


And democratic Canada died.



Three strikes you’re out – Canada’s flawed Covid ‘inquiries.’


Strike One 


Under Federal Legislation called the Emergencies Act (introduced by a Conservative Administration) the Government of Canada can invoke special powers and then must conduct a review of how those powers were used.


‘Whereas, under subsection 63(1) of the Emergencies Act, the Governor in Council shall, within 60 days after the expiration or revocation of a declaration of emergency, cause an inquiry to be held into the circumstances that led to the declaration being issued and the measures taken for dealing with the emergency;’


But it is the Government examining itself. The Governor in Council is the Cabinet. It appoints the Commissioner, and determines the terms of reference. 


And, of course, holding no one or organization to account. The terms of reference includes:


‘A) perform their duties without expressing any conclusion or recommendation regarding the civil or criminal liability of any person or organization.’ 


One could say Flawed —


Strike Two 


Many in Canada saw that something more was needed, some independent, non governmental approach. In May 2022, I recommended as part of my Magna Carta for Canada:


‘A.  An Independent Public National Inquiry to Examine whether Government, (Federal, Provincial and Territorial) mandates and lockdowns were necessary and constitutional. People in Government and their agencies who are found guilty of breaking the law after due process MUST be brought to Justice.


Such an Inquiry CANNOT be led by any of the Governments of Canada who are the major subjects of the Inquiry. Instead, a Citizens Group MUST be formed for that purpose.   And these Governments and their agencies MUST open their books and release to the inquiry and the public all necessary relevant information concerning their actions during the pandemic.’


Other persons and groups were calling for similar action. 


As a result a National Citizens Inquiry organization was formed. On its website today it says, referring to its formation during the June to October 2022 period:


 ‘Over the past few months, hundreds of Canadians from coast-to-coast began focusing their efforts in the development of a collaborative, transparent, and truly independent national inquiry. Their efforts led to the National Citizens’ Inquiry, a completely citizen-led and citizen-funded initiative through Citizens Inquiry Canada, a newly created not-for-profit organization.’


Note the words ‘truly independent’.


Sadly in its formation and launching a curious thing happened. The Inquiry lost its ‘ independence’, one of the primary reasons for such an inquiry. 


The spokesman for the new organization, and one of the three directors of the new non profit, establishing the National Citizens Inquiry, the Honourable Preston Manning, suddenly ignored one of the Inquiry’s main goals of independence and signed a deal with a Provincial Government to lead, with renumeration, a Covid Provincial Inquiry (called a review) at the same time he was a key player in the citizens funded Independent National Citizens Inquiry. 


Independent National Citizens Inquiry, citizens funded and a Provincial Government Led Inquiry, Government funded, simultaneously. 


Independence lost – conflict of interest on full display. 


One could say flawed!


Strike Three


The Alberta ‘Inquiry’ that Manning is also leading is a Government ‘inquiry’ – The very thing the organizers  of the National Inquiry were trying avoid. It does not have Legislative or Citizen sanction per se. 


The Premier of Alberta in announcing the expert panel as it is called, note the word inquiry is not used anywhere in the announcement, said:


‘With this feedback in mind, the panel will review relevant legislation to ascertain whether there are amendments that can assist the government to improve their response to a future public health crisis.’


And Manning, a paid employee, said as part of the Government  statement:


“It’s crucial that we take the opportunity to review the province’s COVID-19 response and examine whether and how that approach can be improved in future health emergencies. I look forward to working with my fellow panelists and hearing from Albertans about how the province can best achieve this objective.”


So Government led, a conflict in that the lead person of the review is already a part of an alleged national citizens independent inquiry, and additionally there is no accountability in that there is no reference to holding anyone or agency of the Provincial. Government to account for their covid actions. 


One could say flawed. 


Canada’s attempts to objectively and independently address what many consider the non scientific, unconstitutional mandates and lockdowns have failed. 


People have died, many injured, jobs lost and disrupted, families destroyed, taxpayers money abused, individual rights and freedom callously cast aside and yet we find that our nation has failed to honestly account for the validity of the Government mandates and lockdown actions of the past almost three years.



Ethics and leaders — first Manning, then John Tory, whose next?

First, a former Conservative leader and now the mayor of Canada’s largest city. 


And some (fortunately a few) keep telling me we don’t have an ethics problem.


Preston Manning presided over the announcement of an independent non-government national inquiry only to take a $250,000 job with a government.


And now Mayor John Tory admits to a unethical relationship with someone in his office during the height of his undemocratic, unscientific mandates and lockdowns. 


You can’t make this stuff up! Why the sudden resignation now rather than at the time?


Do you remember sanctimonious Tory and his national press conferences during the height of the fake pandemic? And now he talks of being away from his wife? Surely he jests. Is Toronto that big? Is he the mayor of Whitehorse and his wife is in Toronto?




Of course, then there is PM Trudeau and his five conflict of interest violations and former Conservative leader Andrew Sheer accepting party money for personal use and he gets rewarded by being House Leader under Blue Suit Liberal Pierre Poilievre .


And the public is cynical? Throw them all out!

The incompetent financial management of British Columbia 


Socialists have a hard time paying off the debt if you have extra money. 


The latest provincial financial update says that the Province has a surplus on the current account, the operating  account. 


Nothing said about the capital account. More debt I suspect. You see this trick of separating the operating account from the capital account gives the impression that all our spending in a given year is now in surplus.


Not true, just the operating account. 


But the statement also says the Province is carrying a debt of more than $90 billion.  So why not put that surplus to reducing the debt? 


Oh, no, just keep spending. 


The Province mentions that this kind of operating surplus might be rare in the near future – all the more reason to start paying down our debt when we can rather than spend on new things which will only make it more difficult to take away when things are not so good – and then we will be in deficit to pay for these new things. 


That’s how we got to $90 billion debt we now have. 


Look at Ontario and California if one wants examples. 


Slip sliding away,

Canada's democracy


I woke up thinking of Paul Simon’ s lyrics.

One posted meaning is: what can happen if one does not live deliberately? How interesting!

Canada is slip, sliding away – anti-freedom progressives and even some alleged freedom fighters are aiding and abetting this tragic effort.

I saw its beginnings, at least in my experience, during my time as a Minister in The Government of Newfoundland in the 1970s. As a Minister of Housing I experienced the hard hand of the Federal Government when it began discriminating among Provinces as it related to Federal Housing dollars to the Provinces.I saw it whenthe Federal Government attempted to deny Newfoundland its share of revenue and say over the then-developing offshore resources.Western Canada experienced it through the attempted National Energy Program.

It was most prominently on display during the early 1980s when the FederalGovernment tried to patriate and introduce a Charter of Rights and Freedoms unilaterally.

The dominant narrative tries to hide the fact that this unilateral federal move was rejected by the Supreme Court of Canada in September, 1981. Even lawyers and judges fail to reference it in talking about the development of our Charter.

Simultaneously, the bureaucracies of the Federal Government and the Provinces grew exponentially. Power began shifting from the Parliaments to the executive – and to the bureaucracy and government agencies. The judiciary became more activist and boldly asserted responsibility that it did not possess under the Constitution. Witness the decisions relating to the pandemic, and my own personal (with other Canadians a part of it) legal challenge, still under appeal – a so called expedited process. Six million Canadians discriminated from travel in their own countryin violation of their Charter rights.

And we all let it happen!

Coupled with these developments was the concept that deficit financing was necessary, a new modem tool that was crucial in modern growing economies.Deficits and debt became popular! And even to the point where the very meaning of a deficit was elastic – current account borrowing versus capital account borrowing. What a trick that has become with journalist and rconomists all over the country buying the deception.

To put it crudely, many were bought off!

This is most blatantly evident in the over $40 billion health transfers annually going from the Federal Government to the Provinces, distorting the constitutional framework of health care being exclusively provincial under the Constitution. Education soon followed and then social services.

The federal state became less and less and the Federal Government became more a NATIONAL Government. The Provinces lost. The power of the centre, especially Ontario and Quebec, that is Upper Canada and Lower Canada in history, were still in control.

Donald Savoie, governance scholar at the University of Moncton, in a landmark book in 2019 highlighted Canada’s weakening democratic position titled ‘Democracy in Canada, The Disintegration of Our Institutions.’ It was inevitable, says Savoie, given Canada’s founding without a better structural balance – no elected upper house, for example, representing the Provinceslike in the U.S. And the fact that the country has been incapable of wise constitutionalchange– witness my earlier reference to Pierre Trudeau unilateralism in 1981.

That has now seeped into the Judiciary! And the Provinces. Then the fake Pandemic hit!

And all that history came tumbling down on the individual.

It was and is all about the group, propaganda, group psychosis, the celebrity and graphic revolution as American historian Daniel Boorstin called it when in it was in its infancy in the late 20th century.

The AmericanBill Rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms are under attack as the classic liberal tradition and the enlightenment go up in smoke.

The international co-operation comingout of World War Two gets re-engineered to mean the erosion of the nation state, the diminution of individual rights and the rise of super international unelected agencies to dictate public policy around the globe.

This rejection of what it means to be human and organize is dangerously close to being an accepted plan by the government and their technocrats, high finance institutions, the new high tech billionaire class, big media and the flawed academic establishment.

In Canada, the three vital parts of our democracy: parliament, the executive, and the judiciary have seen the most important part being weakened, with the executive and judiciary in ascendent power. The Federal Agencies dominate and thePrivy Council Office and the Prime Minister’s and Pemiers’ Offices are in control.

Democracy hijacked! Ironic indeed that Transparency International has just highlighted Canada as having the worst corruption increases (index decline) of any country in the last five years. Its decline similar to Venezuela.

Imagine no government in Canada would endorse a national independent citizens-led inquiry to examine the constitutional and scientific validity of their pandemic actions. I had asked then in writing. Lives were lost, people permanently injured, jobs destroyed, untold psychological damage Individually and collectively ensued.

No accountability and transparency.

Then, such an Inquiry gets established outside of Government,with such a stated goal, but quickly deteriorated into the violation of the reason for its existence, its independence, and a blatant conflict of interest ensued, with personal agendas superseding the public good ; a non governmental approach turns into one in which one of the directors of the non-governmental non profit corporation agrees to be paid simultaneously to lead a parallel non independent, Provincial Government Inquiry.The very elites the Inquiry was to avoid. !

So it seemsallof society has been infected by this group dogma, this insidious approach to Governance, the control by the elites to the detriment of the citizen, the taxpayer and elected institutions.

Part of a summary of Don Savoie’s book reads: “As a result, the scope and size of government and Canadian federalism have taken on new forms largely outside the Constitution. Parliament and now even Cabinet have been pushed aside so that policy makers can design and manage the modern state. This also accounts for the average citizen's belief that national institutions cater to economic elites, to these institutions' own members, and to interest groups at citizens' own expense.”

‘Slip sliding away . . .’

Do we have a Conservative

Opposition in Parliament?


On paper, yes. In action, doesn’t look like it.

Have Pierre Poilievre and his Conservative Party introduced resolutions, bills however you wish to describe them?Condemning the Covid federal lockdowns and mandates of thepast almost three years?

Supported an independent, non-government involved citizens’ inquiry examining the legal and scientific validity of the Government covid lockdowns and calling on the federal government to provide all information from thefederal government to the inquiry that is requested by the inquiry?

Condemned the Emergency Act as being a biased document favouring the Federal Government and protecting it from transparency and accountability?

Proposed amendments to the Emergency Act making it mandatory for the Parliament to appoint a Commissioner and determine the terms of reference of any future inquiry?

Proposed that the FederalGovernment remove itself from any involvement with the World Economic Forum?

Proposed that no new, international trade agreement will be signed by Canada that in any way diminishes our sovereignty as a nation?

Proposed to limit the Prime Minister’s Office and the Privy Council Office combined to a maximum of 500 persons?

Proposed to amend the Conflict of Interest legislation so that no MP who has broken a conflict of interest law as determined by the Conflict of Interest/Ethics Commissioner or a Court can serve in the Parliament of Canada?

Proposed that balanced budget legislation must be introduced within three years and can only be overridden in time of war and or insurrection?

Proposed a new judicial appointment system involving Parliament, public hearings, and Parliament’s decision on appointments being final?

Additionally, has he or his Party called upon the Provinces to make mandatory a Civics Course in every school in Canada from Grade Eight to the Last year in High School?

Has he undertaken in writing to have posted on his party’s website the annual audited financial statements of his party?

If these actions have not been taken, what then is it that makes this, other than in name

A Conservative Official Opposition?

Source: My Magna Carta For Canada

The National Citizens Inquiry
has made a big mistake


Hon. Preston Manning should completely step away from involvement with the National Citizens Inquiry while leading the Provincial Alberta Inquiry. Moving from spokesman to advisor as announced today doesn’t cut it while also still remaining a director. It is verbal slight of hand.

I am not against the Alberta Inquiry. I have been calling for all governments to establish or support independent inquiries.

I am against conflict of interest which in this case arises when a director of the non-profit corporation established to create the NCI, acceptsa paid position with one of the governments to be investigated. The NCI was created to be independent of governments.

On its website the NCI says:TheNational Citizen’s Inquiry (NCI) is a citizen-led and citizen-funded initiative that iscompletely independent from government.

How can “completely independent from Government”be honoured when one of the three directors is a paid contractor with the government of a province? This defies any real meaning of conflict of interest.

Lord Chief Justice Hewart said as far back as 1924:Justice must not only be done, but must also be seen to be done”. In no way do the NCI actions meet this condition!

For a citizens inquiry to begin with such promise of accountability and transparency, to be a truly independent voice forCanadians, to degenerate into connections overriding true integrity and independence is tragic.

I stepped away from the inquiry because of my public statements, Preston Manning should step away because of his actions.

Canada exhibits herd immunity on objectivity and conflict of interest 

Herd immunity relates to a large group of people being immune to a virus, a disease virus. We have heard a lot about that in the last few years. 


According to the book “Turtles All The Way Down” Vaccines, Science and Myth, herd immunity exits when a large portion of a population is immune to being infected by a particular disease pathogen. 


What is now becoming apparent is that Canada seems to exhibit such characteristics when it comes to group behaviour. A resistance to being able to see a conflict of interest or objectivity in our handling of our reactions to certain covid related matters.


Take for example the draconian Emergencies Act. The Federal Government implemented this draconian, unconstitutional Act. There was built into the Act a provision to examine the merits of using this Act.


Problem is the provisions of the Act allow the examination to be one where the Government gets to examine itself. Here is part of the Cabinet Order In Council: 


“Whereas, under subsection 63(1) of the Emergencies Act, the Governor in Council shall, within 60 days after the expiration or revocation of a declaration of emergency, cause an inquiry to be held into the circumstances that led to the declaration being issued and the measures taken for dealing with the emergency;”


The legislation allows the Government to appoint the Commissioner and set the terms of reference. And that is what happened. And few people highlighted the absurdity of it all. 


How can objectivity prevail in such a circumstance ? 


Another example is the National Citizens Inquiry, established outside of Government, organized and established by citizens and groups with deliberately no Government affiliation or connection. On its website the NCI talks of “a collaborative, transparent, and truly independent national inquiry.”


Therefore, one of the underlying ideas was that such an organization would be neutral and non governmental, a pivotal approach at a time when all one heard was the Government narrative relentlessly advertised by Governments and their health agencies, the paid mainstream media, big tech, and academia. 


But then the most prominent of the three directors and spokesmen of the non profit company set up to establish the NCI takes a paid position with one of the Governments, the policies of which NCI was suppose to objectively examine. How can objectivity prevail in such a circumstance?


It was amazing to watch the proceedings of the Public Order Commission as if it was all neutral and established to provide objective information when its whole structure was established by the very agency (The Federal Government) that was under scrutiny.


Similarly, the reaction to the now conflicted National Citizens Inquiry, as if everything is just unfolding as it should. Nothing to see here! 


It seems there is a national immunity at seeing the faults in ourselves – as if, as is becoming only too common today, reality is whatever we say it is. 


David Burfoot, an intentional ethics expert, put it well when he said:


“Research shows once a person is conflicted with a personal interest in a matter, their objectivity decision-making mechanics will be affected at all levels – even the subconscious. Indeed, we now know the more confident people are in their ability to remain objective in situations where they are conflicted, the more biased they are likely to be.”


And as Lord Chief Justice Hewart said in 1924: “Justice must not only be done, but must also be seen to be done.”


Right now in such a divisive environment the pronouncements of these two people are most relevant and demand our attention.


And the great bard, to apply his words – the fault lies not in the stars but in ourselves.



The National Citizens Inquiry – almost there, and then?


I was a strong supporter of the National Citizens Inquiry. As a matter of fact, with others, I was in the front line suggesting such a measure.


On the steps of the BC Legislature on May 28, 2022 I issued what I called my Magna Carta, specific measures that I thought were necessary to re-establish our democracy and national integrity.

The very first item in that manifesto was: “An Independent Public National Inquiry to Examine whether Government  (Federal, Provincial and Territorial) mandates and lockdowns were necessary and constitutional.  People in Government and their agencies who are found guilty of breaking the law after due process must be brought to Justice.”


Such an Inquiry cannot be led by any of the Governments of Canada who are the major subjects of the Inquiry.  Instead, a Citizens Group must be formed for that purpose. And these Governments and their agencies must open their books and release to the inquiry and the public all necessary relevant information concerning their actions during the pandemic.


Many organizations got involved and lo and behold such an inquiry organization came into being and is up and running. On its website in the introduction section the following is stated: “Citizen-led accountability when governments stayed silent…”


And then goes on to say “Over the past few months, hundreds of Canadians from coast-to-coast began focusing their efforts in the development of a collaborative, transparent, and truly independent national inquiry. Their efforts led to the National Citizens’ Inquiry, a completely citizen-led and citizen-funded initiative through Citizens Inquiry Canada, a newly created not-for-profit organization.’


I was a member of the support committee organizing its formation. 


I resigned from the Committee because my vocal anti-government positions could be construed that the Inquiry was not truly neutral and independent having someone like me as part of it. Other committee members concurred or did not oppose my resignation. 


While a part of the committee I had expressed some views about the soft approach on accountability in the wording of the mandate and made concrete suggestions to strengthen that aspect. Hence, I had some concerns.


Nevertheless, I continued to support NCI and said so publicly on this blog. 


NCI has proceeded to organize and tens of thousands have written to the NCI indicating their moral support.


It is my clear understanding in talking to hundreds involved in the freedom movement that they supported NCI largely because it was independent of governments. That given what had happened since early 2020 governments were not to be trusted given the manner and nature of various government-initiated mandates and lockdowns. 


Recently one of the leaders of , the Honourable Preston Manning has accepted a paid position ($250,000 ) with the Alberta Government to lead that province’s own ‘Covid’ inquiry while still maintaining involvement with NCI. 


I have written to NCI expressing my concerns that such involvement with a Canadian government by one of the leaders of NCI puts in jeopardy one of the principles that is the bedrock of NCI’s existence – independence and non-governmental involvement as articulated not only by me but in the ideas outlined on NCI’s own website. 


NCI has responded that they have made changes to ensure there is no conflict in Manning’s dealings with the Alberta Inquiry and the National Inquiry. In other words Manning still being involved with NCI is acceptable.


In my involvement in government and business over decades I have come to realize even more than I had earlier the absolute necessity of integrity in all matters to ensure and safeguard a working democracy. I remember it said to me by more than one citizen that there was only one thing wrong with me and that was I was too honest. A compliment indeed. But there is this festering, nasty idea that there are levels of honesty in public and business life. 


And often it is not what is or was written but the natural exchange between parties too closely aligned but serving separate masters where real or perceived conflict arises. And when financial gain is involved that further complicates the situation. 


The reason why this Country and most of the world is in crisis is because its leaders have lost their moral authority to lead. Double standards, ethical and conflict of interest violations abound and misrepresentation and misinformation and partial science are sold as fact. Recently another federal minister was found breaking the ethics law joining the Prime Minister and Former Finance Minister Morneau. Conservative Party leaders use party funds for personal use. Health professionals have been fired for expressing their views and the esteemed intellectual Jordan Peterson is having to fight to keep his professional designation. 


All the more reason that a Citizen led independent inquiry’s behaviour must be utterly beyond reproach in its own operation and functioning when looking at government policies and programs which negatively impacted citizens all the way to death, injury, psychological distress, loss of employment and family disruption and separation.


Lord Hewart, Lord Chef Justice of England in 1924 said: “Justice must not only be done, but must also be seen to be done.”


The present structure of NCI in my view presents a perceived conflict of interest. This is tricky business and to provide the opportunity to governments to criticize us for that which we criticize them surely undermines our credibility. 


The National Citizens Inquiry’s independence is at stake. The organization would do well to heed the advice, as I have done, of the Lord Chief Justice almost one hundred years ago.


To the judiciary, stop

putting words in my mouth


Our political leaders have confused their authority, transferred it to unelected bureaucrats and otherwise empowered the Prime Minister’s office. 


The judiciary has overstepped its authority. 


They have ignored independent science and have ignored the words of our constitution or completely mangled the plain meaning of the constitution’s words. 


  1. In applying the Charter’s Section 1 which allows Government to overrule the rights and freedoms granted, there are conditions for this overrule to be valid. Two of these conditions are : ‘demonstrably justify ‘ and ‘free and democratic society.’ In any fair and open society applying demonstrably justify would entail some sort of cost /benefit analysis. None was ever done in Canada regarding any of the numerous Federal, Provincial/Territorial mandates and lockdowns. And in applying free and democratic society one would think that this would have involved an ongoing role for Parliaments in Canada. This was not what happened. And the courts participated in this distortion of our Constitution.


  1. But the most egregious is the deliberate avoidance of addressing the opening words of the Charter by the courts which are the framework through which the rest of the Charter was to be considered. They are:


‘Whereas this Country is founded on the principles of the Supremacy of God and the rule of law:’


A colon was placed after these words. Why?


Because it anticipates what is to come and that what follows is subject to these principles, that’s what!


So where are the courts’ authority of today for ignoring, abandoning parts of the Constitution but adhering to other parts of the Constitution? 

It surely isn’t from the Constitution itself.


No, its from a flawed reading by the courts where they insert their views and completely twist the meaning of ‘supremacy of God.’


In trying to find this flawed interpretation I asked a constitutional lawyer, Leighton Grey, whether of all the Charter cases of the last 40 years did he know of any where this issue of the opening words of the Charter were considered. 


And he identified one. There may be others and that is being researched. 


It was the case before the Supreme Court of Canada in 1985 entitled R. Vs Big M Drug Mart Ltd., Case # 18125. 


In reviewing a lower court’s decision (Alberta) The Supreme Court of Canada through Judge Dickson quoted the Alberta Court of Appeal Judge in the case


“Judge Stevenson adverted, at p. 76, to the preamble of the Charter:


A purpose of the Lord’s Day Act is to recognize Sunday as the day of rest for certain Christian denominations. If one now turns to the preamble of the Charter we see that, "Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God". Bearing in mind that the preamble may not carry the force of law, it still shows that the Charter does not recognize any particular denomination, and (noticeable by its absence) it does not refer to a Christian God. The preamble surely is intended to reflect the multicultural and multi‑denominational make‑up of Canada. If, then, a law which in any way adversely affects the religious freedoms of Canadians is in conflict with the Charter, it must be struck down in accordance with s. 52 of the Charter.’ 


Oh, its a preamble now and I suppose that means even though its part of the Charter it is somewhat less in importance? 


What balderdash! 


In reviewing the Constitution Act as written on the Federal Department of Justice website it make no mention of preamble. Its cites Part 1 of the Act and then under Part 1 



Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

 Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:

Guarantee of Rights and Freedoms

Rights and freedoms in Canada

1 The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.’


So this makes no sense – the opening words to the Charter are the opening words to the charter – full stop!!


And as such are integral to the Charter.


And especially given that that these opening words end with a colon! 


Who are these people who can suddenly determine how these words are to be characterized – and in any case that characterization whoever thought it up is irrelevant.


The opening words are there IN the Charter and have meaning anticipating as they do the context in which the rest of the Charter is to be interpreted. 


But worse than that!!


The God that the first ministers approved to be insterted as the opening wors of the Charter was not a Christian God. Are you kidding me?

First ministers Bennett, Lougheed, Blakney, Lyon, Davis, Levesque, Hatfield, McClean, Buchanan and Peckford and Trudeau were all raised in the Judeo Christian tradition and the judiciary say that the Judeo Christian God was not the one they were thinking of when we approved these words.


Yes it was that God, and no other. That’s the only God we knew!


And the multicultural and multidenominational were not prt of the quation. It was bilingual and bicultural meaning English and French


So now you see how things can get garbled and totally misrepresented even by ‘learned ‘ judges ! 


And they were and are wrong on this!


In any case, it is not up the judges to determine the religious and spiritual nature of the country. 


If the country through its elected representative want to change the opening words of the Charter and what is to be the new religious and cultural nature of the country or anything else, there is an amending formula through which THE ELECTED can make such changes. 


The whole point of a Constitution is to provide stability and certainty. If the unelected branch of our system is to have the power to unilaterally change the nature of our country then representative and responsible Government is no more and what the reformers in the British North American Colonies, even before Confederation, were fighting for and what the First Ministers were fighting for in 1981 and 1982 is all for naught.


Let us remember there was a Supreme Court of Canada in September 1981 that rejected unilateralism (and that by an elected Prime Minister) as contrary to the Constitution and why we have the Charter we have today, negotiated by the legitimate elected leaders of the Provinces and the Federal Government. 


Judges interpret law and the Politicians make that law. 


And notwithstanding the distain some judges are reputed to have toward politicians it is the elected politicians who created the unelected judges, not the other way around!!


So there is a lot of work to do if we are to re-establish a true democracy – the Parliament strengthened as envisioned and was practised for decades, The Executive weakened and responsible to Parliament, and The Judiciary, weakened in the sense of going back to interpreting law not making it. 


In the interim, the Judiciary could lead the way by volunteering to reign in its illegitimate power and provide much needed leadership by interpreting the plain meaning of the Constitution as written. 


Honourable A. Brian Peckford PC 

Last Living First Minister Who Helped Craft The Constitution Act 1982.


Our former law-breaking finance minister is back in the news


Remember him? If you don’t, it is really OK.  He broke the Conflict of Interest Act. Here is a segment of the report of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner inn 2021.


‘Following my examination of the documentary evidence, I am of the view Mr. Morneau afforded WE preferential treatment by permitting members of his ministerial staff to disproportionately assist a constituent. This unfettered access to the Office of the Minister of Finance was based, in my view, on the relationship between Mr. Morneau and Mr. Craig Kielburger, whom I found to be friends within the meaning of the Act. This treatment also constitutes, in my view, an impropriety under subsection 6(1) of the Act.


Accordingly, I find that Mr. Morneau has contravened subsection 6(1), section 7 and section 21 of the Act.  


And the Minister ‘forgot’ about an investment in France in which he was involved and only released that information when the CBC asked questions about the matter. Here is part of the CBC report of 2017:


‘Finance Minister Bill Morneau waited two years to disclose a private corporation that owns a villa in southern France that he shares with his wife to Canada's ethics watchdog, CBC News has learned.


In fact, Morneau only disclosed the corporation to conflict of interest and ethics commissioner Mary Dawson's office after CBC News discovered its existence and began asking questions.’


But have no fear, he is being given ample opportunity to publicize his new book. Paul Wells of MacLeans magazine renown has a review out on his book and is to interview him, so he brags, on January 23 at Munk School, University of Toronto.


Apparently, Morneau devotes but one page to former colleague, Jody Wilson -Raybould. You know he was tangled up with Trudeau Jr. in that SNC-Lavalin Scandal – trying to get Corporate people to be relieved of messy court proceedings and interfered with the normal course of justice that Raybould was trying to maintain in her Department of Justice. 


So people in high places can do just about what they want but let a person like Tamara Lich stand up for our rights under the constitution and she is brought in shackles to a court to appear before a former Liberal Trudeau supporter. 


No one to help her to be relieved of her court appearance and ongoing harassment.


And so,  now ‘they’ are after the great Jordan Peterson again

23/01/04 – They will fail in the court of public opinion and the world of common sense. Yet we may lose our democracy.


What is this country coming to? A man who is a household name across the Globe. A person who stands for common sense and writes books detailing that.


Oh! And he was raised in a democratic country where expressing your views,  and exercising free speech, was a given.


And now the silly so-called professional association of Ontario wants to try to destroy him. They tried before. Didn’t work out well for them then and it will not now!


Now some jealous, attention-seeking individuals contact this professional organization and seek his professional scalp because a doctor of psychology expresses his views. 


And the incompetent, woke soaking, professional association has nothing better to do than pursue petty word play accusations laid against an honourable man who has the gall to speak truth and boldly express that in public.


The Administrative State expressed through professional organizations and universities are a big part of what is killing democratic Canada. The political leaders are doing their part either openly or lacking the courage to really do anything. And the police and judiciary seem in overkill mode with Tamara Litch and this past few days with John Carpay of the Justice Centre For Constitutional Freedoms. 


Witness Dr. Charles Hoffe, Dr. Stephen Malthouse, Dr Francis Christian and Dr. Byram Bridle, Daniel Bulford, and Tom Marazzo. All targeted.


The people must speak, it’s  the only answer to saving our democracy! 

If they do not and fall back into their decades-long slumber the state will win,  the people will lose and democracy will die.

Read The Daily Wire story on the issue HERE.


Autism and vaccines -

why the evasion?


The book ‘Turtles All The Way Down’ edited by Zoey O’Toole and Mary Holland on which you no doubt are already tired of hearing about from me, does a wonderful analysis of this. 

  1. In 2005 journalist Dan Olmsted did a review of the incidence of autism in Amish children in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. He found that there was a lower incidence of autism among them than in the regular population. He theorized this lower incidence was the result of lower vaccination rates given the Amish did not adhere to the use vaccines. Although this review was published far and wide no one ever followed up with a detailed scientifically based study to validate or invalidate MR. Olmsted’s findings. What an opportunity for the CDC or other research institutions to find out the facts.
  2. The Homefirst clinic in Chicago, operated by Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, indicated that they don’t know of a single case of autism, among the thousands of unvaccinated children they’d had under their care over more than 30 years of practice. Once again, the information was known but no one followed up to test the validity of the clinic’s claim.

  3. In Israel, at the Ruppin Academic Center, a study on Ethiopian children in Israel but who were born in Ethiopia compared with other Ethiopian children who were born in Israel. The incidence of autism was higher among those children who were born in Israel versus those children born in Ethiopia. And it is known that Ethiopian born children had fewer vaccines, if any, than Israeli born children whose parents were Ethiopian. This study has not be referenced by any U.S. agency or any funding provided to test the results of it.

  4. Another incident where children of Somali descent born in Minnesota, had high incidence of autism. In Somali autism is unknown and their language does not even have a word for it. No follow up by anyone.
  5. Three attempts to pass laws in the U.S. Congress to study the vaccinated and unvaccinated for the incidence of autism – 2007, 2013 and 2017 – have all failed to get passed, not even get to the first phase of the legislative process. The Congress representatives involved were Caroline Maloney and Dave Weldon in 2007 and Bill Posey involved in 2013 and 2017.


What’s going on? No one it seems wants to even do a VU (vaccinated vs unvaccinated) study to test these very disturbing findings. None have been done to this day. Yet the incidence of autism diagnosed in children today is much higher than in earlier times. And there are more vaccines now. 


Pages 209, 210 and 211 in the book is where you will find detail of the above incidents. 


The book has 1,200 references that you can access free. And there you can validate what the book is saying. Here is the link ­https://tinycurl.com/TurtlesBookEngRef to the 1,200 studies. 


Turtles All The Way Down, Vaccine Science and Myth 

Forward by Mary Holland, J. D. 

Edited by Zoey O’Toole and Mary Holland


Deliberate deception:

The Canadian federal Emergencies Act

I wake up almost every morning thinking of this abomination, Parliament voluntarily giving up its power. 


One of the most egregious acts of Parliament in the modern era by providing in law, legislation which mandates that the Federal Government can conduct conflict of interest measures like an inquiry to examine itself. 


Can you imagine the Parliament of Canada actually, deliberately bestowing power by law upon the Government to examine itself?


That’s what happened when the Emergencies Act was introduced by the Conservative Government of Brian Mulroney to replace the War Measures Act. 


So the whole idea was/is that if the government of the day invokes this act –declares an emergency and gains all this extra powers that when it is all over, there is to be an Inquiry to determine whether the Government acted properly under the Act. 


Here is the authority the Parliament ‘gave’ to the government to examine itself. 

  • 63 (1) The Governor in Council shall, within sixty days after the expiration or revocation of a declaration of emergency, cause an inquiry to be held into the circumstances that led to the declaration being issued and the measures taken for dealing with the emergency
  • Report to Parliament
(2) A report of an inquiry held pursuant to this section shall be laid before each House of Parliament within 360 days after the expiration or revocation of the declaration of emergency.


For those unversed in government terminology, the Governor Of Council means the Cabinet, essentially the government. 


This act was introduced by the Hon. Perrin Beatty who was the Defence Minister at the time. 


It is under this Section 63(1) the Trudeau government earlier this year outlined the terms of reference and appointed a commissioner. 


And if it is possible, it gets worse. Everybody goes along with this charade as if it has some semblance of legitimacy.


A Government examining itself. 


This new normal is a contradiction of accountability and responsible government.


When reformers were campaigning for legislatures before Confederation they were campaigning for representative government, citizens were to have a voice through a duly elected legislature. 


But more, they were also campaigning for responsible government where the Cabinet of the Government of the Day would be composed of people who were elected to that legislature. In other words, accountability of the government to the legislature or Parliament. 


Nova Scotia achieved responsible government in January 1848, and in March of the same year the Province of Canada (Ontario and Quebec) and New Brunswick and three years later Prince Edward Island and in 1855 Newfoundland. 


So are we now having Parliament retreating to the 1840s by giving up the power that was hard won even before Confederation? 


Source : Responsible Government— The Government of Canada — Robert MacGregor Dawson—University of Toronto Press

The Deliberate Silence Of Canada’s

Governments And Leaders

As the New Year approaches one has to look back and assess just how blatantly dismissive , undemocratic our leaders have become.

October , 2021

I wrote to all the 11 first Ministers of the Provinces and The Federal Government seeking their position on the procedure (that they all had at their disposal ) to test the constitutionality of their draconian unconstitutional mandates initiated allegedly to combat the so called covid crisis.

Most did not even have the courtesy to respond. The one that did respond was my native Province where I had been the First Minister for a decade. In this case the Government there threatened me that if I indicated publicly what their response was and the reason that they provided me they reserved the option to take me to court. Their answer was that they could not tell me. And the reason was they could not infringe upon the lawyer/client relationship—the Province’s Department of Justice and the Government.

April/ May 2022

I wrote all the First Ministers including the Territorial Leaders (who now go by the title as Premier) to inquire as to whether they would support a Citizens Led Independent National Inquiry to ascertain the constitutionality of the lockdowns and mandates implemented across the country and to the legitimacy of the medical science used .

Once again the silence was almost complete. New Brunswick Government did respond but only to say that they would have the their own Legislature, which they controlled, investigate their mandates and investigate the legitimacy of their lockdowns and mandates .

September 2022

I wrote the new leader of the Conservative Party requesting that he do three things to prove he is really different than his predecessors: one have his party complete audited financial statements every year of his Party and have them published on the Party’s website, two , support publicly a citizen led inquiry into the pandemic, investigating the constitutionality of the measures taken, and the science behind the measures and three, propose an amendment to the Conflict if Interest Act whereby MP’s cannot sit in the Parliament if they violate the law as determined by the Ethics and Conflict of Interest Commissioner or a Canadian Judge.

No response.

Years ago if someone told a Canadian citizen that a former first minister of this country could not get present first ministers to respond to a letter he wrote them on important policy issues I suspect most would exclaim that this cannot be true.

But it is true—and furthermore most people do not care —and the main stream press ignore it because most of them have received money from the very Governments about whom they now are now asked to carry negative comments . Think tanks and other observers of the political scene cast it all off for some spurious reason, and universities, those once bastions of seeking truth and democracy and accountably , have abdicated their mission and responsibility to society. And no opposition leaders in any of the jurisdictions said one word of support to the ideas I was advancing let alone contact me.

Obviously , Governments and large sections of the population have lost their way in the practice of representative and responsible Government, abandoned our democratic reformers who were fighting for such ideas even before Confederation in 1867. For example my native Province , Newfoundland and Labrador , achieved Representative Government in 1832 and Responsible Government in 1855.

How would those reformers view the present leaders of this once proud democracy as they continue to ignore what made this country special and important in the world?

So Here’s The Problem, Canada

Majority of provinces get equalization

this year, even smug Ontario


So how are we to get change if six provinces are getting equalization – $23.9 billion this year.

Finance Minister Freeland announced this record amount last week in the House of Commons.

It takes seven provinces and the federal government to get a change to the Constitution.

Do you think any of these equalization provinces are going to be interested in taking a look at changing the formula if, as is likely, there may be some reduction to some of these provinces?

Let’s name them: Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Quebec and Ontario. Perhaps now one can see why Alberta may be a little put out!

And what do all those Provinces who DO NOT receive equalization have in common? They all produce – wait for it – fossil fuels, the commodity the federal government is trying to eradicate.

Quebec helped scuttle the Energy East Pipeline but they don’t mind taking Equalization through the back door, made possible by the four (Newfoundland and Labrador, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia fossil fuel producing orovinces.

Mighty (or so we are led to believe) Ontario, will get $412 million this year.

And when was the last time you saw an auto plant in Ontario being constructed without government assistance?

And aren’t there some big pharma vaccine-producing plants being built with government money in Ontario and Quebec? No problem with building plants that produce vaccines that injure, but all kinds a problems with alleged fossil fuel and climate. The Government of Canada on its own website boasts of bio manufacturing investments of over $1.2 billion in Ontario and Quebec. Strange World.

Yep, we are in a heap of trouble. What with Charter Rights and Freedoms violations by governments breaking out everywhere spurred on by Big Parma, Big Media, Big Tech and nowthe Judiciary. And they are all that being topped up with an income distribution system crying out for change but protected by the so-called cozy “majority.”

I was denied the opportunity

to speak at a Canadian university


A law student friend of mine thought it would be a good idea to have me come to his law class and explain my involvement with the Constitution Act 1982 (last surviving First Minister who helped craft it and whose signature is on its foundational document) especially given the recent national interest in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a main feature of the Constitution Act.

Well, the student was quite excited and was under the impression that the professor would endorse the idea. When the student approached the prof about the idea he seemed interested and said he would call me and work out the details.

Aware of the strange world we now inhabit I contacted the student to remind him that he should make sure his professor has the endorsement of his “bosses” on the idea.

The student has since contacted me to say that the opportunity for me to speak has been denied. The student explained that in the days leading up to the professor’s answer the prof seemed aloof and avoiding him. When the student finally got to speak to the Professor, here are the students words: “To my surprise my professor hinted strongly at the fact that the university had not approved of your presentation, and he had not reached out to you.”

Sadly, there are many Canadians who still believe this kind of thing does not happen in this country. Some would even doubt my honesty in the matter or that surely there must be something more to it.

Well, there is not.

Of course, this follows other like rejections this past year including the local high school where approval had been given for me to speak but withdrawn two days before the event, the local Mayor rejecting my offer to brief the city council, and the local Provincial Legislative Representative who put obstacles in the way of me providing my constitutional position on Provincial Mandates and the history of The Charter of Rights and Freedoms to the Provincial Government caucus.

Such is the state of freedom of speech and hence democracy in our country today, one with which sadly, it seems, many Canadians are in agreement.