Indigenous leaders excluded

from health-care transfer talks


This latest whine from a make-believe group of bigoted, discriminatory racists is too much. There are few equals in ignoring the cultural sensitivities of other Canadians.

There are more than 600 indigenous bands in Canada (for example, Musqueam Indian Band, in British Columbia, Sturgeon Lake First Nation, in Alberta, and Atikamekw of Manawan, in Quebec) and over 60 Aboriginal languages reported by indigenous people. REFERENCE

These indigenous bands are not nations and are not sovereign. They come from a wide variety of Asian tribes who crossed ice and land bridges from Asia to North America. Claims that these diverse people are part of some grand separate national identity are fraudulent. It is the ultimate disrespect for indigenous people. Ignoring their dignity, humanity, hopes for prosperity and security, and rightful place in broader society is shameful.

Health care delivery within provincial boundaries is constitutionally in provincial jurisdiction, and Indigenous people are not part of that discussion. Health care delivery to indigenous people is constitutionally an exclusive federal jurisdiction. Indigenous leaders know that, but choose to ignore reality.

Section 91 (24) declares Indians, and Lands reserved for the Indians are a federal jurisdiction and responsibility. 
The federal government has deliberately blurred reality by contracting with provinces to deliver health care services on its behalf but cannot escape its fiduciary responsibility to indigenous people.

Framing health care delivery as culturally sensitive is ridiculous. We look to health care for the prevention or treatment of illness and injury, not to have our culture recognized. 
With the collapse of our health care systems, provinces must insist that the federal government resume providing health care services to indigenous people directly, thus relieving the provincial systems of a major burden.

Section 91 (11) declares Quarantine and the Establishment and Maintenance of Marine Hospitals as a federal jurisdiction and responsibility. At one time, the federal government provided marine (military) hospitals for every province, which served the armed forces, RCMP, indigenous people, penitentiary (prison) inmates, and certain members of the diplomatic corps and some federal agencies.

The leaders of the Nunavut, Northwest and Yukon Territories have no place at the federal-provincial health care meeting. They are not premiers, and the federal government has exclusive jurisdiction and responsibility for the Territories. The Prime Minster is encroaching on provincial jurisdiction while muddying the waters.

Lands outside of provincial boundaries are federal lands and include the Territories.

Indigenous leadership demanding inclusion while practising exclusion is unacceptable. We are all equals, or we are not. Indigenous people have an equal obligation to treat other Canadians with the respect they demand. Reconciliation is not a one-way street.

Portraying indigenous people as perpetual victims of colonialism is nonsense. North America was invaded and conquered by European nations with superior skills and technology. Maintaining the fiction of perpetual victimhood is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Indigenous people have benefitted enormously from the rapidly evolving technology of their conquerors.

The brutal fact is that indigenous leaders have squandered every opportunity to improve the lives and living standards of the people they represent. They thrive on imagined resentment, which appeals to emotions while ignoring reality, following Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

We have no reason to accept that we are obliged to cater to indigenous fiction or that the federal government can arbitrarily manage reconciliation without representatives from non-indigenous people at the table and in agreement with settlement terms. The current charade must end.  


Original news report by Jeanelle Mandes of Global News on January 26 HERE.


Trudeau will host premiers Feb. 7 to hammer out health care funding deal

Ottawa has said it wants to go beyond short-term fixes

This non-news story has no point. It is 1,077 words of baffle-gab we are all familiar with.
The politicians who presided over the collapse of our health care systems are ignoring their culpability and pretending that they can solve the crisis they created.

Health care cannot be resurrected from a high-level overview of systems. The contention that each province has unique difficulties is rubbish. None of them provide a reasonable level of public health care.

Politicians and their bureaucrats are protected from feeling the brunt of health care deficits through above-average wage increases coupled with publicly supported health care plans far beyond the affordability of rank-and-file Canadians.

There is no accountability, and no incentive to improve the efficiency of operations. There is no standard for an effective and efficient hospital or clinic operation. Pouring money into a failed system is counter-productive.

We desperately need private investment in health care delivery facilities. We don’t have adequate public funds available to carry the whole load. Private delivery facilities introduce competition that is a lacking element of our systems.

Where is the public consultation for this improvement effort? The public can quickly highlight where and how the system fails us. That is not what the political class wants.

Where is the input from our health care professionals? Doctors, nurses and technicians need to be consulted, and free of coercion by their governing bodies and unions while they share the skinny on their work environments.

Twelve-hour shifts and mandatory overtime are not common in healthy work environments. Why are we driving away the professionals that are the heart and soul of any health care system?

Working long hours is easy when you are thirty but burdensome when you hit 50. Why are we not accommodating older and experienced professionals instead of burning them out? We need answers an overview can’t give us.

Politicians need to sit down with health care stakeholders, which includes every Canadian and listen carefully to what they have to say.

We can’t fix health care without them. They can highlight the areas of most concern and provide a map for politicians to follow. There has to be an ongoing involvement of health care stakeholders so that remedial efforts that are not working can be quickly corrected.

Politicians tell us that we are all in this together. It is time to put that phrase into action and deal with the realities on the ground.    

Also read John Paul Tasker of CBC News, Jan 25 HERE.

The triple twist in new rate rise threat


It is disheartening to be subjected to all the commentary on our economy, inflation and interest rates when we have nothing concrete to compare Canada’s situation.

The following article from The Australian is eerily similar to the difficulties we face here. The Australian government made the same mistake as ours – employing ridiculously low prime rates to stimulate the economy without considering the long-term consequences.

Both governments now face unenviable choices, and both pretend they can find solutions but are not ready to give up the status quo. Without serious reductions in non-essential spending, our future economic outlook is grim.

Governments worldwide are loath to admit that hitching their future to clean, green energy to replace petroleum is an absolute disaster. Demands for petroleum energy are increasing, and as a consequence, the possibility of meeting the reduction targets set for 2030 only seven years distant are impossible to meet.

I wrote about the issue earlier: Coming in 2023: A Painful Return to Energy Supply Reality

Our government refuses to accept responsibility for the economic disaster it created. Mumbling about other governments being in the same leaky boat is not an acceptable excuse for failing the people it was elected to serve.

So far, the government has not come up with any viable plan to protect us from the probability of having our standard of living sharply reduced. The people we entrusted with looking after our best interests are a dismal failure and unfit for the offices they hold.

Please speak up. Tell your MP that the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 must be rescinded, and our oil and gas sector rejuvenated without further delay and verbal diarrhea. Nothing less will suffice.


Check out Patrick Commins’ analysis in The Australian

Canada’s Role in WEF-Promoted ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’

This is unacceptable and should get your blood boiling. Canada has no role in anything promoted by the World Economic Forum (WEF). The WEF is not an accredited political entity and was not created by a consortium of nations with a common interest.

The WEF is compromised of a group of industrial, commercial, and financial elitists who would prefer a world that protects their interests and comfort. The WEF has no interest in the comfort and well-being of the people who inhabit the nations they want to control.

“The Agile Nations Charter(signed by Canada in November 2020)will facilitate agile ‘rule-making’outside of Parliament.”No Canadian Government can be empowered to make rules outside of our constitution and parliament unless Canada is at war, and even then, the expanded power is limited.

The signing of theAgile Nations Charterviolated the Canadian Oath of Allegiance sworn when Ministers were appointed to office. All current cabinet ministers are thus guilty of treason and must be charged and brought to trial without delay.

We cannot allow our government to enslave us to an unaccountable, unelected foreign power without our express consent.

See Noé Chartier’s comment in The Epoch Times, January 19.

This is only the tip

of the much-bigger iceberg


Last Tuesday, I wrote a piece on Chrystia Freeland’s $2 billion slush fund: Bill allows finance minister to spend $2 billion on shares for imaginary green company.

My thanks and a tip of the hat to subscriber Robert Ede who sent me a YouTube video of the exchange between Conservative Senator Elizabeth Marshall and Chrystia Freeland. Freeland lets the cat out of the bag – this is the initial funding for the Canada Growth Fund to be capitalized at a staggering $50 billion!! You can watch the video here. The revelation comes at 2.03.

This ends my current series on the climate change hoax. Take a couple of days off to enjoy the weekend. Give the people you love a hug as a hug cuts through the background noise, and the personal touch reassures family and friends that together, we will find a way through the current nonsense.

We need to take comfort in remembering that many of our blessings, such as family love, friendship, companionship, compassion for others, charity, and doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do, are beyond the reach of politics. Treating one another respectfully and as equals is a core value of Canadians.

In addition, we discover a short list of influential Canadians sitting on panels at the World Economic Forum's annual trip to the Swiss mountains.

MARK CARNEY is on three panels this week, starting with a Tuesday session alongside JOHN KERRY on philanthropy as a "catalyst for protecting our planet. The former central banker will sit on Wednesday panels on the "pivot to resilience" and the responsibility of large shareholders to call out corporate misbehaviour.

CHRYSTIA FREELAND co-headlines a Wednesday "peace and security" panel with NATO sec-gen JENS STOLTENBERG, Polish President ANDRZEJ DUDA, U.S. Director of National Intelligence AVRIL HAINES, Ukrainian deputy PM YULIA SVYRYDENKO and CNN anchor FAREED ZAKARIA.

Freeland will join a Thursday conversation about empowering women in business and politics. Among her co-panellists is Michigan Gov. GRETCHEN WHITMER.

MARY NG (Minister of International Trade, Export Promotion, Small Business) sits on a single Thursday panel driven by this question: "What does the rise of the intangible economy mean, and how should policy-makers respond?"

The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board's SUYI KIM joins a Tuesday panel guided by this question: "How does private equity transform the real economy through its increased focus on impact?"

I find it highly disturbing that senior government officials are key participants in the World Economic Forum’s Annual General Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

I am also concerned that a member of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board is in attendance since the pension board is allegedly an arm’s-length agency independent of the government. It may be far less independent than we can afford to be comfortable with.

Collectively, these people wield an enormous amount of power over us, our economic security and the future of generations to come. There is an unacceptable conflict of interest. These people were elected or appointed to serve the interests of Canada and Canadians, not the interests of the World Economic Forum.

The current government is clearly out of control and living in some wonderland detached from reality. We don’t have $50 billion available for anything, and if we did, those funds are sorely needed to replace our broken healthcare systems.

Freeland’s message that the government expects to attract three times the $50 billion Canada Growth Fund financing is a delusion. Private investment requires a stable, predictable economic climate this government lacks.

What this government plans to do is to remove the risk for investors, which has them laughing all the way to the bank. If a project succeeds, they stand to profit. If the project fails, as many, if not most will, taxpayers pick up the tab. It is a recipe for increased economic disaster when we expect a recession and, more likely, a depression.

We grow up and gain wisdom through experience, and a lot of that experience is gained from our bad decisions. When you reach my age, you have few bad decisions left. – been there, done that gets old very quickly.

Our government appears to be comprised of perpetual adolescents who have managed to avoid personal responsibility instead of becoming responsible adults. That is a severe deficit.

The tenure of this government cannot end too soon. NDP Leader Singh is propping up this disaster in the making and lost his Party’s claim to be there to protect ordinary people. How repulsive and sad.

The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant. ~ Maximilien Robespierre

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong. ~ Thomas Sowel

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Woke activists are intently,

rewriting Canadian history


“Woke” activists, aided and abetted by our government, are erasing our history becuse it does not comply with their worldview.

When we allow proponents of a new world order to erase anything they find offensive, they erase all traces of our social evolution. We cannot take pride in that evolution without some past experiences to compare to. Woke activists are destructive vandals who oppose our social standards and values.

Negating pride in our nation, patriotism, and our espousing of compassion and respect for one another does not have a positive effect. At the core of our society is an obligation to family, neighbours and community. In return for the unlimited opportunities we have, we accept personal responsibility for our actions and behaviour.

Men have traditionally assumed family responsibilities without expectations of reward. For the last few decades, woke activists have gone to great lengths to portray men as incompetent bigots, nerds and unnecessary family baggage.

The basis for our common-law legal system is the protection of the individual person from intrusion on their person and property. This system of legal rights is set out in precedents developed over the past eight centuries. The woke mob wants to replace that with – nothing.

Politicians learn little from history and are prone to repeat past errors or, more correctly, to use the same tired tactics that worked in the past. It is no accident that when we face inflation caused by government mismanagement, rumblings of war are in the wings.

An old-fashioned war will distract the public from anger over government ineptitude. We do not need or want civil unrest or war. If we had governments with principles and spines, they would have put a load of buckshot in Putin’s north end within 60 days of his invasion of Ukraine.

Putin’s sacking of Ukraine and the genocide of its people are not acceptable in a civilized world. When such actions are not met with deadly force, we lose the right to consider ourselves civilized. We are barbarians willing to watch 43.4 million people murdered for being who they are.

The woke mob ignores Ukraine as there is no gain for them in the conflict.

Read Chris George's analysis of woke-ism in The Niagara Independent in July 15, 2022

Investing in an imaginary company

in the name of going green


A bill that has been passed into law will allow Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland to spend $2 billion on shares for imaginary green company


Freeland is in a conflict of interest. Her government regulates the industries her taxpayer-bankrolled funds are invested in.

Federal investments in corporations have a rotten track record. Investments and loans are rarely recovered. Governments that can’t run efficient and effective agencies and departments are not equipped to choose corporate winners. Investment advisors are not accountable. They provide a service for a fee and have nothing to lose if bad advice results in a loss to taxpayers.

Freeland’s arrogant dismissal of the Senator’s questions is breathtaking:

“The green transition will cost a good deal, really a lot, and we need money to fund it,” said Freeland. She did not elaborate, according to Blacklock's Reporter.

“What it is able to do on a project-by-project basis is de-risk private sector investment in new technology, in exactly the kind of technology we are going to need to build the jobs of the future in Canada and to get the emissions reductions we need,” said Freeland.

If the project is too risky for private investment, it is not worthy of support. Investors expect to receive a profit on their investments. If they don’t foresee a profit, the venture is dubious. If the government assumes the risks, investors have no downside; they cannot lose money if the project fails and stand to profit if the venture succeeds. If the venture fails, taxpayers are burdened with the loss. 
Freeland’s job is to keep scrupulous track of government spending, report to the public on overspending and create a near-term budget without deficits. So far, she rates an “F.”

Freeland is not accountable as Finance Minister, so why not chase rainbows funding fictitious corporations engaged in creating clean energy to take on a fictitious climate change crisis?

Freeland has no proof that Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predictions are accurate or correct. The IPCC refuses to present its data to independent scientists for peer review and refuses to debate the merits of its predictions with eminently qualified climate scientists.

IPCC’s claim that ‘the science is settled’ is nonsense; Science is never settled as its basic tenet is an ongoing examination of what we believe we know. Science is evolutionary, not revolutionary. IPCC’s claim that 97% of scientists have reached a consensus on climate change is ridiculous. No scientific theory has ever been adopted by a consensus.

Do we want investments handled by a dupe who believes IPCC propaganda and commits billions in taxpayer funds without ensuring that IPCC claims are not fraudulent? That would be exercising due diligence, vital to any investment decision. In over three decades, the IPCC has never made an accurate prediction. That would ring alarm bells for any competent investor. 
Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant; it is necessary for life on earth, and its effect on the atmosphere is negligible. The earth’s temperature is controlled by water vapour from our vast oceans and cloud cover, which reflect radiation from the sun into space to keep us from roasting to death. Both are fluids and thus difficult to predict. Water in vapour or cloud form is our primary climate defence.

IPCC predictions are propaganda designed to frighten us into believing we face a non-existent climate crisis. As time passes, IPCC propaganda grows increasingly hysterical. Carbon emissions are blamed for every current weather event.

The current flooding in California is blamed on carbon emissions. However, in 1889, flooding in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, caused 2,209 deaths and caused $17 million in damages (1889 dollars); (about $583 million in 2022 dollars).

In 1913, flooding in Alabama, Indiana, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia caused an estimated 650 deaths, left about a quarter million people homeless and caused about $333 million in property damage (1913 dollars); (about $9.844 billion in 2022 dollars).

Severe weather events are not new or caused by carbon emissions. It takes a while for local governments to react and improve infrastructure to minimize the effects of the next fire or flood. They will occur. The “flood of the century” is not in our vocabulary without reason.


See the original in-depth report by Matthew Horwood in The Western Standard  Dec 8, 2022

'Woke' philosophy based grievance and victimhood


We hear the term “woke” used frequently, but it is rarely defined. Thomas Sowell put it this way:

“Activism is a way for useless people to feel important, even if the consequences of their activism are counter-productive for those they claim to be helping and damaging to the fabric of society as a whole.”

An article by James Pew sheds light on how ‘woke’ applies to indigenous affairs. The same factors spill over into visible minority issues. The government’s stance that self-proclaimed victims must not be questioned is ridiculous. The emergence of truth requires robust debate.
It is unacceptable that indigenous people make no effort and have no plan to take responsibility for themselves. They claim sovereignty but don’t have sovereign abilities to support their claim. We are failing to ask the obvious questions: 

  • At what point does non-indigenous peoples' responsibility for resent-day indigenous circumstances end, and indigenous peoples’ responsibility for those circumstances begin?

  • At what point does non-indigenous peoples’ responsibility for indigenous-perpetrated violent crime end, and indigenous peoples’ responsibility for indigenous-perpetrated violent crime begin?

Efforts by the government to censor our freedom of expression are repulsive. (‘Freedom of speech’ is an American concept – the Canadian ‘freedom of expression’ is much broader, including speech, the middle finger salute, signage, paintings, statuary, protests and more.)
The truth emerges during a robust debate of issues, and robust debate cannot occur if dissenting opinions are censored or quashed.

Please look at James Pew’s well-written article on the broader subject HERE.


A new word to add to your vocabulary


You need to become familiar with the term. It is an abbreviation of psychological operations, first employed by the military. The original object of a psyop was to convey selected information and indicators to influence the military and civilian populations that they could not win and that further fighting and deaths were wasteful  

In peacetime, governments employ psyops to influence the emotions, motives, and objective reasoning of civilians to ultimately change the attitudes and behaviour of organizations, groups, and individuals primarily through propaganda.

We see dozens of examples, among them green ideology. We have suffered decades of propaganda to support allegedly clean, green energy to save the planet from overheating and extinction. Thousands of Canadians believe they have a duty to ‘save the world’ even though the clean green concept is impractical and has yet to be successful in any jurisdiction worldwide.

It should be unlawful for any electric vehicle to be charged or recharged by other than wind or solar power. Stop using our electrical grid for your toys.

We have endured similar propaganda respecting mRNA injections used to combat COVID. When Dr. Robert Malone recently called for a halt to the injections due to evidence that the injections were not safe and caused considerable harm. He is eminently qualified by training and experience to comment on mRNA technology, its use and possible abuse. 

Dr. Malone was immediately attacked for spreading misinformation. Attack pieces were published in The Atlantic, the New York Times, the Washington Post and many other publications.

This is another aspect of psyops – if confronted, attack the messenger, which is disturbing. In a free democracy, everyone is entitled to an opinion, whether we agree with that opinion or not.

Instead of shutting down debate, leftists avoid debating the merits of Dr. Malone’s opinion. Propaganda is reinforced with more propaganda, and respectful debate is stifled. That is censorship. There are issues governments do not want to be discussed. They are unaccountable and want to keep it that way.

In Canada, medical colleges have adopted a policy that no doctor or nurse may criticize mRNA injections. That is frightening on several levels.

It violates the medical principle of “do no harm.” Doctors spent much time reviewing developments in their field to keep up to date. Recent studies of mRNA injection results raise doubts about their effectiveness and safety. That should result in a robust debate respecting public safety.

If these injections are safe and effective, there is no need to stifle criticism. If they are not, the injections must be halted until clinical trials prove them safe. The health of generations is at risk.  

We go to a doctor or nurse to seek the best medical advice possible. It never occurs to us that medical college prohibitions colour the advice. Risking the license to practice and a career is no small matter.

The mRNA injections were rushed into production and approved on an emergency basis. There was insufficient time to study the safety of the injections or the potential side effects. That takes five years or more.

It is interesting to review nations that no longer require COVID injections for travel. There are about 96, including:
Argentina        France          Mexico
Australia         Germany      New Zealand
Austria             Greece          Norway
Bulgaria          Hungary       Poland
Canada           Iceland         Portugal
Chile                India              Spain
Colombia        Ireland          Sweden
Denmark         Israel             Switzerland
Egypt               Italy               Turkey
England          Jamaica        USA

This is incomprehensibly inconsistent with the mandates nations exercise internally. Psyops are not logical or rational. They consist of propaganda intended to appeal to your emotions and ultimately change your attitude and behaviour.

We are under siege by foreign elements and governments determined to control our minds to subjugate us. They have been so successful that some, notably the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum, openly brag about it.

Please take 15 minutes to view this video:     

Full-blown assault on free expression

Inside the comprehensive Liberal bill to regulate the internet


Bill C-10 proposes to subject whole realms of the Canadian online world to content oversight from broadcast regulators, including podcasts, online videos and websites

This is awkward.

The National Post rang the alarm bells over a year and a half ago, on April 29, 2021. Bill C-10 was pushed through and received Royal Assent on March 4, 2022. It has not been enabled yet. Now the Western Standard reports that Jagmeet Singh intends to push the Liberals into invoking censorship of our freedom of expression.

Bill C-10 puts the federal government in the position of censoring your freedom of expression if you dare to contradict it. A dissenting opinion, no matter how valid and well-considered, can be stifled. If you don’t recognize that conservatives are the target, please return to your slumbers.

This proposal is unacceptable in a free democracy. The truth only emerges during a robust debate of facts. Showing up government propaganda for what it is depends on our dissenting voices. Censoring opinion and stifling dissent is the hallmark of totalitarian regimes.

Do you want to live under the iron rule of an appointed prime minister acting as a king? If so, remain apathetic or cynical. Either will result in the slavery Trudeau is planning for you. 

See the National Post article HERE.

Jagmeet Singh will push Liberals for more internet censorship – HERE

We have lost our way


Early settlers to Canada shared common interests, including the prospect of land ownership. The lure of working to acquire a piece of land on which to build a home or business was significant.

Both the British and French colonies placed a very high value on land ownership. Land grants to retiring military and government officials were a common reward for service.

Is a man’s home his castle? Yes, in the sense that it has been part of common law since at least the 17th century, that no one may enter a home unless by invitation. This was established as common law by the lawyer and politician Sir Edward Coke (pronounced Cook), in The Institutes of the Laws of England, 1628:

"For a man's house is his castle, et domus sua cuique est tutissimum refugium [and each man's home is his safest refuge]."

What was meant by 'castle' was defined in 1763 by the British Prime Minister William Pitt, the first Earl of Chatham, also known as Pitt the Elder:

"The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the forces of the crown. It may be frail - its roof may shake - the wind may blow through it - the storm may enter - the rain may enter - but the King of England cannot enter."

Nevertheless, a homeowner must obey the law and cannot murder an intruder. Unless the criminal code is amended to allow a homeowner to take whatever steps he must to protect his home and family, killing an intruder will most probably result in a prison sentence.

Many immigrants from the British Isles and Europe had little prospect of acquiring land where they lived, and the prospect of earning from work and saving for land acquisition was enticing.

Property ownership and the rights of the owner are deeply embedded in both civil and common law.

Since the end of WWII, governments have increasingly intruded on property owners’ rights, claiming that a property owner needed permission to build a house or business and must meet a lengthy list of criteria in order to construct on his land.

This bureaucratic nonsense is designed to generate revenue for the local government authority. This is an example of governments removing our legal rights and then selling them back to us as permits (permissions).

The landowner building a home must be able to build whatever he desires. Most will ensure that electrical, heating and plumbing systems are installed by qualified tradesmen. Those who do not assume the risks to the investment they made.

The business owner will engage qualified tradesmen to install services and ensure his property is safely accessible to attract customers. He has an investment to protect.

Urban planning has become an ineffective and failed bureaucratic nightmare that adds enormous costs to property development. The largest urban developments are grotesquely overpriced, and most large cities have become crime-ridden, dangerous places to survive in. What good is urban planning to the tens of thousands of Canadians who can’t afford a home purchase?

Our political class is ignoring the fact that the people decide what powers they shall have. It is not for politicians to decide. When the policies and systems governments employ do not meet our needs, they must be scrapped and replaced with something that does meet our needs.

Property and civil law are in provincial jurisdiction. The federal government has no authority over property.

Our governments are overriding our rights to own property and use it as we desire. Building a home or business on your land is not for local officials or the neighbours to set limits on. Requiring businesses that house tenants or serve food and beverages to meet health and safety standards is reasonable, but governments have gone far beyond reasonableness as a policy limit.

Why would any homeowner require a permit to renovate or otherwise improve his property? The upgrade raises the value of the property, and the government wants to tax the owner on the improved value. The owner receives no tax credit for the investment in the upgrade. The result of the unfairness is that owners are reluctant to upgrade or renovate, and older areas deteriorate, becoming slums.

Today, residents of overvalued major urban centres are leaving for other provinces or areas where they can save money towards a home purchase currently impossible where they live. Urban mismanagement is driving productive people out and increasing the ranks of the homeless, which is a drain on urban resources.

We must reinstate the rights of property owners to decide how to utilize their investments to their best advantage.

Next move to break impasse on health care up to premiers: Duclos

The ‘impasse’ has nothing to do with healthcare; it is a raw power struggle between the federal and provincial governments as to who will control the billions poured into healthcare each year.

Dealing with the current mess is three decades overdue and will take another three decades to rectify. We can’t hire and train the professionals desperately we need more quickly. Doctors and nurses take anywhere from four to eight years to educate, and specialists take even longer.

What is particularly stunning is the arrogance of politicians. They act as if only they can fix the healthcare system that failed under their watch.

Not one of them, the Prime Minister, Premiers, or Ministers of Health Care, feels they are accountable and responsible to the people they failed. Not one has proposed a practical, workable model to replace the failed system. They are proposing bandages for a system that expired due to internal organ failure. The heart of healthcare is dead.

Proposing a universal data bank where patient records can be accessed by anyone treating a patient is preposterous when we don’t have the professionals to access the records. It is an element of building a workable healthcare structure, but not the key element.

Our healthcare system failed because no one running the system is accountable. There is no incentive to improve efficiency or effectiveness. Operational decisions are made by bureaucrats and healthcare professionals, and neither group has training in administration.

Healthcare facility administration is a specialty field where public needs, medical professional needs and the available budget are balanced. Each facility has to be stand-alone and accountable, measured against a standard of excellence.

The concept of building huge hospital complexes that deliver almost every conceivable healthcare service is inefficient and outdated. Hospital emergency rooms are outdated. We need urban and rural trauma centres where patients with dire injuries or illnesses can be treated and stabilized for further treatment in appropriate facilities.

Restructuring healthcare cannot succeed without private sector investment in land, buildings and personnel. We don’t have the public money available. Government procurement is notoriously expensive and inefficient. The same standard of excellence would apply to private healthcare delivery facilities.

Those who rail against the private sector involvement in healthcare as creating a two-tier system have created a no-care system. Bravo!

We already have a two-tier system where tens of thousands of Canadians are on waiting lists for medically approved procedures. We can’t even get timely diagnostic procedures. The endless suffering and premature deaths are unacceptable in a first-world nation claiming to have a top-rate universal healthcare system that has evaporated into a myth.

When we are limiting healthcare to the public to ‘save the system’ from overload, we are on the yellow brick road to the insanity of Oz.

Our political class is sorely afraid of an increasingly irate public. The notion that they should not face severe criticism and threats is ridiculous. When our loved ones die needlessly and prematurely because the people we elected failed us, drastic changes must occur.

Leaders committed to those they serve will emerge. The only question is what degree of social upheaval it will take.

The federal government must transfer tax points to the provinces and confine its role in healthcare to that mandated under our constitution. Healthcare is a provincial jurisdiction, and federal interference has brought us a disaster in healthcare delivery. Pretending that the government that caused a crisis can solve the problem is ludicrous.

Provincial premiers are culpable. They all have large bureaucracies to administer healthcare, and those bureaucracies have failed us. The systems are broken and must be replaced.

Failure to monitor the bureaucracies and demand performance to protect the public cannot be tolerated.

This is an administrative problem, not a funding problem. We have too many fingers and vested interests at play.

It will take a couple of decades to fully recover from this crisis, and we can’t start soon enough.

Nearly half of Canadians want

a federal election in 2023

Discontent is gradually growing. We face an uncertain future in 2023. The cost of living is increasing rapidly. Interest rates (and mortgage rates) are likely to continue to increase. Both outpace income increases.

The use of food banks is increasing rapidly and shows signs of continuing to increase. Homeowners are at risk of losing the equity they have built up over the years. Those who are heavily mortgaged face the prospect of losing their investment and being unable to afford a cheaper replacement.

Governments are creating relief programs to offset inflation, but the cupboards are bare – they are adding to our public debt levels which leaves less money free to fund primary programs such as education and health care.

There is every indication that pressures to lower our standard of living will continue in the immediate future and that discontent with governments will continue to grow. I expect that by the end of the 1922/23 fiscal year (March 31), the calls for an election will be deafening.

See the analysis by Isaac Teo in the Epoch Times.

Details of Beijing's candidate-funding network beginning to emerge


Caught in a lie. On Dec. 8, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s national security advisor Jody Thomas told the Commons national defence committee she has seen “no evidence” that covert Chinese funding went to 11 candidates in 2019.

“I have not been briefed and have no awareness, and I’ve asked the question of 11 candidates and the connection to the money that was in that report. I know nothing of that,” she said.

If Thomas had ‘no knowledge,’ how did she know which candidates to question?

The Canada Election Act states:

363 (1) No person or entity other than an individual who is a Canadian citizen or is a permanent resident as defined in subsection 2(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act shall make a contribution to a registered party, a registered association, a nomination contestant, a candidate or a leadership contestant.
Why is there not an investigation underway? The Elections Act has been violated. The individuals involved are guilty of knowingly aiding and abetting in a crime, as are any candidates who received funds or other assistance from those individuals.
Canadian environmental NGOs that receive funding from foreign sources must be investigated and charged for violations of the Elections Act.
We are allowing the American, Chinese and Russian governments to engage in public disinformation campaigns and interfere in our elections. Why?


Public Health to collect troves of online data to target the vaccine hesitant


This is bad – very bad. Health Canada is spying on Canadians. Not only that, but those who exercised their charter right to decline a COVID shot were targeted for re-education. That would violate the Privacy Act, which appears to require that such data be scrubbed of personal identifiers before releasing for use.
It gets much worse. Health Canada is requesting new contracts for data mining.

This is a currently-open competition.

What possible use can Health Canada have for this data? Whom else will they share it with? If the initial contracts and effort were to identify and re-educate those who resisted COVID shots, what do they plan to do with those identified as COVID shot resistant now? Are we to be put on a blacklist so we can be denied various government benefits? I don’t see any upside for us in this exercise.

The efforts to demean and marginalize anti-vax Canadians is unethical insanity. Health Canada is drunk with power. It does not help that our chief Medical Officer is in a severe conflict of interest.

Dr. Teresa Tam is on the Independent Oversight and Advisory Committee of the Health Emergencies Program of the World Health Organization (WHO), a role she took up between April and June 2018. She is an official advisor to the WHO's International Health Regulations Emergency Committee on 2019-nCoV. She cannot provide independent, unbiased advice to the Government of Canada and is thus unfit for the role she plays.

Canada’s healthcare response to COVID cannot continue to be controlled by an unaccountable, unelected foreign entity.

See Noé Chartier’s full report in The Epoch Times

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) has announced a contract with a social media intelligence collection firm based in the U.K. to obtain data on vaccine hesitant individuals in order to be able to deliver targeted messaging to break through their hesitancy, contract details indicate.

“In preparation for increased vaccination education, promotion, and outreach, The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is requiring the services of a consultant to analyze the vaccine related conversations on social media and PHAC social media initiative and campaign performance,” says the tender notice description posted online on Dec. 22.

The notice says the contract will be awarded to U.K.-based Pulsar Platform if no other supplier submits a bid meeting the requirements before the closing date. The estimated value of the contract is $339,000.

Pulsar describes itself as an “audience intelligence company” using artificial intelligence and “smart human minds” to comb through conversational and behavioural data on social media.

The notice says the consultant will need to analyze Twitter and other online sites and platforms spanning three years of historical data.

PHAC is seeking to obtain information on individuals who are participating in and influencing online conversations about vaccination.
It wants reports produced by the consultant to “provide PHAC an actionable understanding of the vaccine conversation landscape online and the conversation participants, while determining a conversation baseline,” according to the Statement of Work.

Once this data is obtained, PHAC will run a tailored messaging campaign, which it says will seek to target “communities of interest,” such as “indigenous peoples and millennial males,” states the Advance Contract Award Notice.

The study is to be rerun within a three to four month period to “monitor shifts in attitudes and confidence levels,” says the notice.

PHAC lays out how the consultant must conduct its work, including the establishment of a “keyword-based social listening tracker to capture social media conversations around vaccinations in Canada.”

Data must also be parsed along conversation themes such as “experiences with long Covid, previous vaccine side effects, engaging with mis/disinformation, shift in perceived risk of infection.”

PHAC also seeks to obtain a breakdown of reasons for vaccine hesitancy for different regions and cities to allow more targeted messaging.

Along with identifying regions, cities, and subgroups such as First Nations communities, PHAC is also requesting segmentations of key audiences to include “demographics, interests, affinities, online behaviours, and the leading topics of vaccine hesitancy conversation, per each sub-community.”

The Statement of Work provides an example of what the consultant should do once a sub-community has been identified.

It says that once a community of “Toronto University Students that indicate low confidence in vaccinations” has been identified, then some factors should be investigated.

These include their reasons for being hesitant and the topics of their conversations, the media they consume and the content they share, and the tone they use when discussing their vaccination status.

The Epoch Times contacted PHAC to find out if previous such programs have been implemented and to learn more about how the data from private individuals will be protected, exploited, and if it will be shared with other departments.

PHAC was also asked whether it consulted the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) on the program. A response was not obtained before publication time.

The OPC was also contacted to know whether it was aware of PHAC’s social media collection program, but a response was not received immediately.
Cellphone Tracking

PHAC has been embroiled in a data collection-related controversy in recent months when it was revealed it was analyzing the anonymized movement of millions of Canadians through the tracking of their cellphones, unbeknownst to them.

PHAC had been obtaining the data from carrier Telus and other cellphone tracking companies, but in December 2021 it sought a contractor to directly access data from cellphone towers to conduct its analysis.The data has been used to measure the compliance of Canadians while provinces implemented COVID-19 lockdowns.

When this became known, MPs started examining the issue and the Commons ethics committee told the government last spring that Canadians should be allowed to opt out of the data collection program.

The OPC also said it was investigating the matter, but the results have yet to be announced.
PHAC and the OPC have been asked about the status of the contract and the investigation.

The ‘97% Consensus’ slogan on climate change is a fraud


Let’s open 2023 by calling out the frauds whose aim and purpose is to control us.

View the 16-minute video from Nexus Climate Discussion with John Robson. You will find how a small group of eco-activists, academics, lay people and politicians have manipulated global temperature data to transform facts into the “carbon emissions are our enemy” fiction thrust at us constantly.

There is no scientific consensus that man-made carbon emissions are harming the earth. That is the greatest hoax ever launched on a naive and unsuspecting public.

Our politicians are sheep who bought into the hoax and are terrified at the prospect of admitting they were wrong and enduring the jeers of their peers. They hide under the skirts of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), meekly accepting its edicts as a gospel. 

The IPCC consists of unelected, unaccountable, unscientific frauds, while our politicians are only unaccountable, unscientific frauds. Our duty is to make our politicians accountable and recognize the enormous fraud that is damaging our economy and nation.

Our government must either provide independent, peer-reviewed studies verifying the IPCC findings or rescind the Canada Environment Act and carbon taxation. If they have not undertaken studies to support their policies, they too are frauds, unfit for public office and must resign.

I’m done with the double-talk and psycho-babble


Prime Minister Trudeau can’t even put together a coherent 385-word Christmas message. First, he states:

“2022 was a challenging year, and for many, this holiday season won’t be easy. But I’m confident that Canadians will continue to be there for each other in 2023 – because that’s just who we are. We show up for each other. And when times are tough, we stand together.”

If we ignore the ongoing stupidity of English – French bickering commencing at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham on September 13th,1759, involving less than 10,000 troops and lasting about an hour, the statement is generally true.

Quebec has never been purely French and never will be, despite valiant and inconsiderate efforts by its government to create the illusion that by forcing all inhabitants to speak the French language, those from places other than France will forget their heritage and history.

. . . . because that’s just who we are. We show up for each other. And when times are tough, we stand together.

One of Canada’s greatest strengths, lasting from 1759 to 1988 – 229 years, was our accommodation for ethnic origins. People were free to gather and celebrate their heritages and histories as they saw fit while fully integrated into a homogeneous society.

Governments could not keep their hands off. The Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism, (also known as the Bi and Bi Commission) was a Canadian royal commission established on 19 July 1963, by the government of Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson to:

"inquire into and report upon the existing state of bilingualism and biculturalism in Canada and to recommend what steps should be taken to develop the Canadian Confederation on the basis of an equal partnership between the two founding races, taking into account the contribution made by the other ethnic groups to the cultural enrichment of Canada and the measures that should be taken to safeguard that contribution." 

That mouthful of psycho-babble led to the eventual passage of the Canadian Multiculturalism Act in 1988 (Brian Mulroney was then Prime Minister). It also proves that both major political parties are wooing Quebec votes to the detriment of everyone else. It has been a downhill slide for Canadian society since.

Few of us want to be dragged into the false concept of ‘two founding nations.’ The British won a war in northern North America. During peace treaty negotiations, France ceded ‘New France’ or the northern colonies to the British in return for British cessions elsewhere. Many Quebecers dreamed for years that France would rise again and invade, freeing them from British rule, which did not happen. No amount of political double-talk can change that.

The Quebec Act gave 65,000 French-speaking colonists a right to maintain their language, culture, religion and system of civil laws, not nationhood. It was the model for Trudeau’s first quote – the accommodation of ethnic origins within a homogeneous society.

When we untangle all the double-talk, our federal government introduced tribalism to our society. What had been a long-standing and successful accommodation policy was replaced by tribal rivalry, fracturing our society. Both federal and provincial governments have taken to providing grants to ethnic groups who succeeded for years through fundraising efforts. The grants support the tribal element and are aimed at garnering votes, not creating a better Canada.

In recent years, tribalism has been extended to include females and gays. Both are pitted against the “privileged white male.” The government has successfully employed a divide-and-conquer technique to make its manipulations of the population easier. The excuse is government support for the downtrodden. In reality, compared to the elites and the political class, we are all downtrodden.

The government is squandering an enormous amount of time, energy, money and resources trying to manage our lives for us while neglecting the duties it was created to manage. We exist in surreal times.

Later in his message, Prime Minister Trudeau states:

“. . . .. as we celebrate those unique traditions that reflect Canada’s diversity – let’s remind ourselves how fortunate we are to live in a country of peace. Canada is a country where families can live out their faith and be proud of the communities they represent.”

This passage completely contradicts the first passage. We either stand together as Canadians or represent separate communities. We can’t do both. There are no …. unique traditions that reflect Canada’s diversity . . . . They are not traditions at all, they are politically invented nonsense the public had no opportunity to refute or support. Accommodation lasted for 229 years, while diversity came along just 34 years ago. It is not a tradition, let alone our tradition.
Like other government initiatives, this one is coming apart at the seams. Canadians are realizing that they have been hoodwinked. Diversity is a synonym for tribalism fracturing our society. There is no evident benefit. Tribal friction is not a social positive.

The other nine provinces are finally waking up to the fact that federal accommodations to Quebec must be equally available to all provinces.

If Quebec is allowed to remain unilingual French, other provinces must be allowed to be unilingual English if they so choose.

The Official Languages Act must be repealed and replaced with merit-based hiring and promotions without regard for language, and the federal civil service must return to political neutrality.
Ideology ultimately fails to conquer reality.

Statement by the Prime Minister on Christmas

December 24, 2022
Ottawa, Ontario

“Merry Christmas, everyone!
“Like millions of Canadians, my family is excited to gather around the Christmas tree and spend some quality time together. It’s the time of year when things slow down a little bit, when Christmas movies – including Die Hard – are on repeat, when some of us keep an ear out for the sound of reindeer on the roof, and when we all take a moment to appreciate those who make our lives special.

“This year, I’m thinking of Canadians who go the extra mile to make our country a better place. I’m thinking of members of the Canadian Armed Forces who are protecting our country and the values we share. I’m thinking of the doctors, nurses, and first responders who will be working throughout the holidays. And I’m thinking of everyday Canadians who find ways to show up for their friends and neighbours.

“2022 was a challenging year, and for many this holiday season won’t be easy. But I’m confident that Canadians will continue to be there for each other in 2023 – because that’s just who we are. We show up for each other. And when times are tough, we stand together.

“We’ve been through a lot as a country, but through it all Canadians have demonstrated the true meaning of generosity, kindness, and hope. For Christians, this is a special time where we celebrate the birth of Christ and the promise of peace and joy that comes with it. No matter your beliefs, these are values you can bring as you celebrate the season.
“So, as we come together under the twinkle of Christmas lights, as we share a glass of good cheer with friends and colleagues, as we welcome the cousins, uncles, aunts, nieces, and nephews we haven’t seen in so long, and as we celebrate those unique traditions that reflect Canada’s diversity – let’s remind ourselves how fortunate we are to live in a country of peace.

“Canada is a country where families can live out their faith and be proud of the communities they represent. As we look ahead to the new year, let’s continue to stand together as we build a better future for all Canadians.
“From my family to yours, Sophie, Xavier, Ella-Grace, Hadrien, and I wish you joy, health, love, and peace this holiday season.

“Merry Christmas.”

EV battery plants make no sense if we haven’t for the electricity

Once again, the sheer stupidity of our federal government is on full display. Subsidizing EV battery manufacturing drives up costs and inflation. If EV battery production cannot stand on its own, the technology is not yet viable. Matching the U.S. subsidy schemes is ridiculous. If the Americans want to subsidize all EV battery builders let them do so.

Investors with deep pockets will flock to the U.S.A to finance EV battery start-ups. When they sense that the government is getting nervous about pouring money into a green hole, they take the start-up public, recovering their investment and a tidy profit. The government ends the subsidy, the start-up goes bankrupt, stockholders lose their money, and the government is left with a derelict property and environmental headache. It is legal and has been going on for decades.

An EV battery is an electrical energy storage device, much like the gas tank in a conventional vehicle is a storage device for petroleum energy. Canada has a huge supply of petroleum energy, more than enough to make U.S. independent of oil imports and become a petroleum energy exporter. We don’t produce much petroleum energy because the idiots in governance refuse to allow it.

We have a limited capacity for electrical power generation that is under stress to meet huge competition for supplies. Urban centres are experiencing brownouts and blackouts. Power grids are vulnerable to cyclones, hurricanes and storms. Power outages of various duration are common. Building a billion EV batteries without any certainty as to how they can be energized is irrational.

Allow the U.S. to squander capital chasing dreams and invest Canada’s capital into creating the infrastructure that will make using EVs at least partially possible. We don’t have the electrical grids able to handle widespread EV use and, in some cases, lack the generating capacity to power EVs. It makes no difference if EV batteries are becoming more efficient and hold more power if available power is limited.

Encourage provinces to ramp up mining the rare earth (lithium, cobalt, magnesium) and minerals (aluminum, copper, steel, and nickel) needed to produce batteries and EVs. Rare earth does not mean their existence is rare, it is a category of metals found in abundance.

Encourage the production of petroleum products. EVs make extensive use of very lightweight and strong carbon-fiber components, as well as plastics for insulation and oils for lubricants. EVs run on carbon-based tires.

EVs and their batteries cannot be produced by Trudeau spreading subsidy fairy dust on production plants. That requires extensive mining and entails major environmental impacts. None of the mining and refining can occur without extensive use of diesel-powered heavy equipment.

We are still a petroleum-dependent nation, no matter what dreams the PMO has. Reality rules and green ideology is riddled with green holes sucking up our money on creating an uncertain energy future.

Like most other government initiatives, clean green power is so far multiple times over anticipated costs, environmentally unfriendly and dismally under-performing. Whoopee!

$1 billion worth of unused COVID vaccines in Canada will expire by year’s end


It challenges the imagination to grasp the ineptitude of our federal government. Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos is wrong on three counts:

  • COVID injections are an experimental drug, not a vaccine;
  • COVID injections failed to protect us from COVID infections or from spreading the virus; and
  • Shipping expiring COVID injections to COVAX does not reduce the financial loss.

The real reason the government has been feverishly pushing booster injections is to minimize expired injection losses.

Claiming credit for the distribution of COVID injections that proved to be ineffective is filed under government disinformation on my desk. Worse, growing information from reliable sources indicates that COVID injections have been harmful to the health of many people.

Some of you may recall that in November 2019, the federal government dumped $ millions in personal protective equipment (PPE) that had expired but not been replenished. The failure to maintain stocks of PPE in the event of an epidemic is gross incompetence.

Adding insult to injury, in March 2020, the federal government shipped 16 tonnes of PPE to China.

More than half of the 40,000 ventilators the Canadian government ordered early in the pandemic are now sitting unused in the federal emergency stockpile.

The level of incompetence is staggering. Canada had an elaborate plan, prepared by medical professionals to deal with an epidemic. It was trashed, and politicians took over.

That makes as much sense as taking an abscessed tooth to a plumber for repairs.

PM's national security adviser says she's seen 'no evidence' of foreign interference in election


'I'll just say it — we've not seen money going to 11 candidates,period,' says Jody Thomas

This is not news, or newsworthy. It is government propaganda brought to us by the propaganda arm of the Prime Minister’s Office, the CBC, which taxpayers fund to the tune of over $1.4 billion annually (2021 figure).

Jody Thomashas an interesting history:
Bachelor of Commerce, University of Calgary
Bachelor of Arts, Carleton University

Professional Experience
Since October 2017, Deputy Minister of National Defence
2017, Senior Associate Deputy Minister of National Defence
2015 – 2017 Commissioner of the Canadian Coast Guard, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
2014 Special Advisor to the Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet (Operations), Privy Council Office
2010 – 2014 Deputy Commissioner of Operations, Canadian Coast Guard
2007 – 2010 Chief Operating Officer, Passport Canada
2004 – 2007 Director General, Security, Passport Canada
2003 – 2004 Director, Security Operations, Passport Canada

Thomas began her career in the Public Service in 1988 when she was appointed Chief of Business Planning and Administration with Public Works and Government Services Canada’s Atlantic Region.

She has held an appointed office in the federal government for the past 34 years. Although she has held ‘security’ positions, she has no training in intelligence operations. Asset and operations security is a world away from intelligence gathering. She is surprisingly unqualified for her position.

Thomas is only one of many senior government officials who are appointed based on unswerving loyalty to the PMO rather than on competence. She will do and say whatever her boss wants.

Auditor general finds a 'minimum' of $27.4 billion in suspicious COVID benefit payments

Auditor general says CRA's 'lack of rigour' in CERB and other pandemic benefits recovery efforts means majority of overpayments not likely to be recovered.

This is a first look at the perils of adopting the Covid Combat Plan (CCP) of an unelected and unaccountable UN agency – namely the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO).

A few of you may recall that in May 2020, then US President Trump stopped support of the WHO. China stepped into the breach and became the primary funder of the WHO.

It’s eerie that the Covid Combat Plan and the Chinese Communist Party share the same CCP acronym.

It is no coincidence that Dr. Theresa Tam is a veteran of the WHO.

The Covid Combat Plan was defective from the outset as it dealt only with lockdowns of businesses and people. There was nothing in the plan to deal with the obvious economic disaster that would follow.

The Trudeau government put together a patchwork of programs to mitigate incomes lost due to the lockdowns.

In the typical Trudeau style, although mitigation plans required follow-up to detect fraudulent and ineligible claimants, the government failed to ensure that adequate resources were allotted. We are now approaching three years after lockdowns were imposed, and little has been done to recover program payments that should not have been made.

I am not paranoid. I am disgusted with a government that abandoned its responsibilities to Canadians and turned our lives and futures over to unelected third parties with interests competing with our long-term well-being. Trudeau threw us to the crocodiles hoping that by doing so, he might be spared.

Canadians are facing rising interest rates, high inflation levels, an almost certain recession, and probably a depression decreasing the likelihood of any repayments. Chickens are coming home to roost, and not even the CRA can extract blood from a stone.

$27.4 billion would help to shore up our failed healthcare systems, but the misspent funds are gone and are now part of the huge federal debt we pay interest on.

No government can manage an economy without a plan that includes spending priorities to meet the needs of Canadians. This government has no plan and no priorities that match our needs. Trudeau insists that saving the planet is our first priority, although he has no power over climate change.

Promoting the illusion of a crisis and creating unworkable plans to deal with it is the kingdom of crooks, frauds, grafters, shysters and those suffering from delusions of grandeur.

As Thomas Sowell noted: “It is usually futile to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance.” That sums up Canada’s current situation in a nutshell.